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Ashworth University is one of the most influential online schools, and is often used by business professionals and educators. It offers hard working individuals the opportunity to complete their degree program from the comfort of their home. Professionals who need to complete continuing education classes or earn a certificate to compliment their degree can enroll in distance learning classes online at Ashworth University. Ashworth offers a wide range of courses for individuals with any career interest. This is a nationally accredited university located in Atlanta.

Distance learning offers numerous opportunities for job placement, personal development, and career advancement. The university has over 100 active diplomas and degree programs for students to choose from. Admission is open year-round; there’s no waiting for enrollment dates or available seats. Individuals can set up a payment plan while registering for classes.

Unlike many other schools, Ashworth University offers interest free tuition. It has a toll free number that allow students to call in with any questions or concerns they may have. Ashworth currently offers certificate programs as well which can be completed in as little as six months. These certifications are specialized credentials that can be earned for specific skill enhancement or career change.

Ashorth University also offers an associate degree which is a 2 year degree that can be earned completely through distance learning classes. A student needs a minimum of 60 credits to earn this degree. The bachelor degree program is typically a 4 year degree requiring 8 semesters to complete, which can all be completed online. The masters degree is self-paced, as are the rest of their programs. Students can start school for less than one hundred dollars down, and continue paying interest free monthly payments.

There is no excuse for education taking a back seat any longer. Very few schools offer students the benefits of special discounts, interest free tuition, and distance learning. Many jobs require employees to return to school and receive some type of continuing education certificate. Ashworth offers single class certificates for on the job training.

Anyone who is motivated to pursue or advance a career with an accredited degree can do so at Ashworth University, without worrying about the high costs of room and board, dormitories, food, and school supplies. Pursuing an online degree saves time and money. There is no need to leave home or take time off from work to attend school. Ashworth even allow students to transfer credits from another accredited university, or they can also transfer credits earned at Ashworth elsewhere to finish a higher degree. Ashworth University offers so many opportunities for individuals to succeed with their distance learning programs in this new age of education online.

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