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With a rich history beginning as an all-female college in the early 19th century, Athens State University has been a cornerstone of Alabama’s higher education for almost two hundred years. It serves as the only upper level university in its home state, and boasts a student base of over three thousand in its Athens, Alabama location.

As Athens State University functions as an upper level university, many of its students are transfers from other public schools looking to round out their third and fourth years in a more focused environment, something that ASU provides in its sprawling, historical campus. Urged by the seasoned faculty to discover and explore on their own, its students go on to become the elite of their fields and trend-setters in whatever Industry they choose.

Three departments make up Athens State University. The College of Business providing degrees in accounting, logistics, business management, and other industrial and corporate pursuits. The College of Education gives students an edge in everything from elementary and special education to post-secondary, military, health, and collaborative education. Finally, the College of Arts and Science focuses on the major physical and human sciences, with degrees in everything from psychology to biology, humanities, and general art degrees. With thirty-three majors to choose from and 1000 graduating every year, it’s no wonder that Athens State University is one of the most respected schools in the south.

Distance learning is the future standard for higher education, and Athens State University understands this. With every year, they’re giving more ways to avoid the added stress of brick and mortar education and fight back against the institutions of old by taking classes on their own time, in the way they like, with all of the support afforded to local students.

Currently, Athens State University has six of its most popular degree programs online. Offered are accounting, human resource management, general management, management of technology, computer science, and general religious studies. Whether you’re looking to go into a new career or drive forward in your current, ASU offers six distance learning degrees that are broad enough to invite success in many settings but focused enough to give you a clear edge over your coworkers when it comes time for advancement.

Every year, Athens State University is doing more to bring all of the benefits of higher education to your doorstep while letting you choose how and where you wish to learn. With access to financial aid, scholarships, the university bookstore, and more personal help from the highly accredited staff, distance learning students at ASU are in every way treated just as well as their rooted counterparts without any of the hassle that comes with relocating your entire life.

If you want to give yourself and your family a better life, a university degree is the fastest, easiest, and most time-tested way of doing so. With the distance learning programs offered by Athens State University, there has never been a better time to take that plunge and give yourself what you want out of life. You provide the motivation, they’ll provide the institution, and with the education you gain at Athens State University the world of the industrial elite is your destination.

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