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With a rich and detailed history dating back to the late 19th century, Atlantic Union College is one of Massachusetts’ most prestigious, time-honored schools. Originally a private preparatory school in South Lancaster, it has since gone through several rounds of accreditation in order to become a nationally recognized private university.

Atlantic Union College is a religious institution, being openly Seventh-day Adventist in its teaching and the majority of its students either belonging to the same denomination or related forms of Christianity. It maintains a strong balance between meeting the spiritual and the educational needs of its students, and no student, regardless of faith or any other held belief, is left feeling foreign in its halls.

Dedicated to the progression of its students above all else, both as scholars and as ever-growing people, Atlantic Union College encourages you to work on more than just your studies at every opportunity. Whereas many colleges are a degree, Atlantic Union College is an experience- and one that will prepare you for life’s pressing concerns even beyond your career.

Atlantic Union College shines most in its academics department. Whether you’re looking for a degree in music, the general and fine arts, general science, medical technology, nursing, or something more business-oriented like accounting, law, or business administration, Atlantic Union College maintains a vast number of available degrees geared toward making you not only a force to be reckoned with in your chosen field, but a beacon of your local community.

With your degree from Atlantic Union College, you’ll be able to provide a much better life for yourself and your family. Its programs not only teach academic knowledge, but character and moral knowledge as well with the goal of making its students into a sort of metaphorical first-responder to a community in ever-changing crisis. The skills you’ll gain are defined enough to allow for financial and occupational success, but more importantly they will outfit you to combat the world’s greater, sometimes more abstract, issues.

Distance learning is not yet implemented in Atlantic Union College, but with coming restructuring of its campus it could become available within the next few years. When it is, Atlantic Union College will provide a distance learning degree that goes far beyond what you’ll find in any other school, and it is that prospect that should implore you to research into this opportunity further.

Whether you’re looking to grow in your career, to acquire new skills, or to build yourself in a profound spiritual way, Atlantic Union College is one of the most exciting, challenging opportunities in the country. With its largely unmatched focus on philosophical development and constant drive to give back to society, it serves as a highly unique, very rewarding experience that is very seldom found in the cold assembly line-like realm of modern post-secondary education. If you want more than sheep skin for your commitment, Atlantic Union College is one of the best decisions you will ever make.

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