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Auburn Montgomery is a relatively new university, established relatively recently in 1967 by the Alabama Legislature. Though part of the Auburn University family, it is not regarded as a subsidiary of the school, but rather its own independent entity.

Boasting a highly diverse student body, Auburn Montgomery is a highly progressive, modern university. Its halls are named after famed civil rights activists and journalists, its graduates include a co-founder of non-profit organization HIP Haiti, and it’s regarded as a liberal oasis within its largely conservative region.

Politics is not the only thing that Auburn Montgomery is progressive in. AUM boasts one of the best business schools in the world, with multiple elite awards for excellence. Its business graduates come out of Auburn Montgomery to pass government certification exams at more than 90%, as opposed to the national average of less than 40%. With some of the finest opportunities, both at home and abroad, for business students it’s no wonder that prospective employers jump at the opportunity to sweep up each graduating class.

Distance learning is the next step in education, allowing students to advance their professional life without uprooting their family, adding mountains of stress to their life, and potentially being cornered into high-interest loans and undue financial and emotional hardship just to accomplish the things that they desire in life.

Auburn Montgomery understands this, and as such they boast one of the most comprehensive distance learning degree programs in the country. With courses in everything from para-legal to sales management, high math to business administration, and marketing to the arts, Auburn Montgomery is committed to letting you have the opportunities you want without sacrificing the personal stability that you and your family need.

No matter your focus, be it high science, education, economics, industry, or even fine art, Auburn Montgomery has programs that give you an exceptional level of freedom to choose between a defined focus or something broad enough to land you a job in many different fields. You could study a dozen different subsections of business, or focus on general business management and keep your options open. Become generally certified as a teacher or go into specific subfields based on who you want to teach. Become an expert in an exact type of engineering or broaden your horizons enough to have a shot in every type.

With distance learning, you’re setting yourself up for all of the benefits of higher education without much of the financial and emotional stress. There has never been a better time to take the plunge, and both you and your family will benefit for years to come from the decision you make today. It’s armed with this motivation that you’ll be able to succeed in these next few years, and AUM is here to back you up in that personal quest.

It’s your life, your education, and your career. Auburn Montgomery has some of the best degree programs in the world and some of the most progressive policies in the country, and it is with the assistance of their seasoned faculty that you’ll be able to look back on your career and smile when it comes time for retirement. With dozens of majors, a near-limitless pool of opportunity exists at Auburn Montgomery to shape your future, and it represents one of the finest opportunities to do so that you’ll ever find.

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