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Not many universities can boast that they graduated men as influential as General Holland Smith, John Harbert, six NASA astronauts, and even Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales. Not many universities can say that they have champion sports teams and their own airport. Not many, well really only twenty, universities can say that they are ranked within the top 20 engineering schools in the country. Then again, not many universities are Auburn University.

Founded in 1856, Auburn University is one of the nation’s leading colleges. With a campus that rivals the architecture of the old world, a faculty where all but the janitors are draped in more academic achievements than their title has room for, and a list of graduates that could rival the best of schools, Auburn University is sometimes referred to as public Ivy League, and with good reason.

Auburn University’s focus is purely academic, going so far as to make their motto “For the Advancement of Science and Arts”. It is this focused drive that has enabled it to be ranked within the top 50 public institutions in the country, with one of the highest career placement within six months of graduation rates and one of the greatest student satisfaction rates of any American university.

With thirteen departments and dozens of majors, Auburn University is one of the greatest public opportunities out there if you’re looking to focus on a scientific or artistic discipline. There just simply isn’t a comparison to how fantastic Auburn University’s academic department is. Its staff regularly wins national awards for outstanding research and instruction, its classes are compared to elite universities, and its student benefits are decades ahead of the competition.

Offering courses in everything from graphic design to nursing, sociology to language, education to computer science, and zoology to accounting and business administration, Auburn University boasts one of the most diverse and well-rounded curriculums of any university. Everything, from its aerospace engineering to its wildlife science programs, is absolutely top tier best of the field, and there’s almost no comparison in Auburn University’s class.

Distance learning is the future of education, with the number of independent students rising every year, and Auburn University is on the front lines of this exciting opportunity. With one of the greatest distance learning degree programs in the country, students can go beyond the typical nursing and accounting classes to earn a degree in business administration, multiple fields of engineering, food science, agronomy, and multiple other programs.

Students abroad have the same access to resources as their grounded counterparts, and as a distance learning student you will have the added benefit of not having to sacrifice your personal life for your academic life. Auburn University is committed to providing top-notch education no matter your circumstances, and it’s because of their devotion to the distance learning movement that it’s consistently one of the highest-ranked distance learning degree programs in the country.

If you want to jump into the fray and focus on your academic growth, Auburn University is one of the best values you’ll ever find. Join the ranks of its vastly influential graduates, soar lightyears ahead of your professional competition when it comes time for promotion, and profoundly change the world with your degree from Auburn University- it’s definitely not a stretch of the imagination.

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