Avoiding the Freshman 15

You future college students are excited to get away from the home you’ve been in the past eighteen-nineteen years, am I right? The freedom of being able to stay out all night, no questions asked, the ability to be responsible for yourself inside and out, to the freedom of choosing what you eat. Yes, you will most likely be on a small income – considering you are either a part time or full time student. So, with the lack of sleep and the late night cravings, you may end up with something commonly referred to as the “freshman fifteen.” The freshman fifteen, is, in essence, the weight you will gain (which attributes to the ‘fifteen’) due to your new found freedom in college (usually occurring your freshman year of schooling).

What we eat in private, we wear in public. (photo by Jaypeg)

What we eat in private, we wear in public. (photo by Jaypeg)

With obesity rampant, this is one of the worst occurrences – if you don’t know how to take care of your body with a balance of both exercise and healthy diet, you will train yourself, in adulthood, to allow your bad habits to accumulate. One of my favorite quotes, as told here, is “What you eat in private, you wear in public.” In essence, this is true. Our bodies are designed to physically show us when we are mistreating it. And yes, I understand that some of the best food is the most unhealthy food – but just because we temporarily feel amazing because of the taste does not mean we will feel amazing after the fact.

Of course, there is an exaggeration – the freshman fifteen, as according to freshman15.com, is truly more so a freshman five. But I have seen some outliers that cause me to believe it is better safe than be sorry. A personal friend of mine gained around twenty pounds her freshman year of college. Perhaps it was because she was a food lover who roomed with a food lover, but nonetheless, that is a lot of weight to gain! And it can happen to you if given the right leeway.

This leeway can be attributed to the freedom you are given for the first time in your young life, but also the amount of alcohol you are consuming. Alcohol is commonly referred to as “empty calories,” because you still remain hungry – and drinking can even lead to more food consumption. It is Alcohol Awareness Month, and how fitting – considering it is both unsafe to drink as a teen, as I have discussed in this past post, as well as to your health in general.

Some students have reported on this page on the same website gaining ten to a whopping seventy during their freshman year of college. Regardless, the website serves as an education so that you can be aware before you enter college and weight gain doesn’t have to be inevitable. Remember to use the resources you have – you don’t need equipment to work out and you surely don’t need to eat that bag of chips in place of that apple.

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