Bad Kids with Good School

Going through all of high school memories, it is crazy to think about all of the stuff we get away with – all of the “bad” that we know we would get in trouble for if we were ever caught. Of course, playing it safe is the best thing to do. I have seen many times where the student thinks they’re going to get away with something, just to get caught and then punished. Of course there are some things I simply wouldn’t condone under any circumstances, but this is just a general list of the things I have seen, in my experience, in two public high schools. Be warned: doing this stuff is not smart!

Partially why I assume the bathroom was set on fire (photo by Jordan Cameron)

Partially why I assume the bathroom was set on fire (photo by Jordan Cameron)

#1. Pooping in a Locker

Oh yes, you would think as you grow that you would not deal with such rudimentary, disgustingly foul things. But no, someone you know may want to “prove a point” by pooping in your locker… I mean, what else do you do to get back at someone who pooped in your backpack? I simply do not understand how the students in this scenario got away with it.

#2. Play Stack

This one is not necessarily bad as it is dangerous. If you have ever had the experience of your teacher telling you to stack the chairs on the tables so that the janitorial staff can clean easier, and if you have a small attention span, this game may be for you. The objective? Stack the chairs in obscure ways. Get creative. Upside down, horizontal, diagonal, and as tall as you can get is where you want to be! It only gets dangerous if everything comes crashing down and then you proceeded to get yelled at, and you apologize to the student to your right who almost got knocked out as a result of it. This is basically the game, but in a real-life setting.

#3. Fire!

During my first two years of high school, school got progressively worse. Students would get high in the bathrooms and even set paper towels on fire on a regular basis. It got to the point where it began to be a joke. I remember the fire alarm going off, as it always had, and leaving the classroom, as we always had. I joked with a friend about how there was a fire, until we stepped outside and realized the entire hallway was filling with smoke and that there was really an out-of-hand fire. We left the building and no one was hurt – and proceeded to go to the lunch room for the rest of the day, where, using the microphones and instruments that the band children had, we held a karaoke day to pass the time, as no one was allowed to be in the building.

These are just three of the memories I can think of during my four years of high school. Of course, much more eventful things have happened.


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