Balancing Education and Romance

Education and romance are two parts of life that should be kept separately. I know, we get it. You’re in love. Does that mean you should swoon into their arms in class? Give each other googly eyes when the teacher is giving a lecture on theoretical yield? No, it does not. Here are practical ways to separate the two in an educational setting, because if we’re being honest, it’s not exactly appropriate in all situations.

Balancing education and romance can be tricky but done! (photo by Meagan)

Tip One: You Can’t Live On Love Alone

As much as the id in us would like to believe that love can keep us alive, unfortunately, you can’t pay your bills with copious amounts of it. When it comes down to it, to support yourself, your significant other, or a mixture of both, you will need money. Money that very well could spurt out from the education fountain that you are being led to. However, a famous quote states, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.” In this case, it has never been more true. Opportunity can be right in front of you, and you could be oblivious.

Tip Two: Draw the Line/Respect the Line

In respects to time, you have to respect each other’s time. There is a time for bonding and a time for solitude. The latter should be where education fits in, somehow. Your significant other must understand and respect that you need time to acquire your education on your own. You must also understand and respect their boundaries. If you are not living together, this may mean to tell them that you will not answer your phone or IMs for a varying amount of time, and then turning it off as to not distract or tempt you to procrastinate.

Tip Three: Reward Yourself

Objectively, school would come first before relationships would. It is our innate nature to take care of ourselves before others. However, just because theoretically that is how it should be, that does not necessarily ensure that is how it will be. A great way to balance your academic life with your romantic life is to use a reward system. In general, before hanging out with friends or significant others, you should do what you dislike first, as depicted by helium, and then reward yourself with the better liked setting. On top of that, an upside is that you can spend quality time with your significant other without worrying of time constraints and the work that you have to do. It’ll be pure time spent with them, with your attention focused solely on them. You’ll probably also appreciate your significant other more if you have to work to see them.

With so many aspects of your life, it’s no wonder we can feel flustered and unstable! Our lives are always changing and we are constantly adapting to those changes. Here is a past article on balancing your work load and your education if you would like more tips on balancing other aspects of your life.

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