Become Your Own Role Model

As we are brought into this world, we of course see our parents as role models. They are our comfort zone and representations of success. While they don’t necessarily stop being our role models, we also tend to look up to people who succeeded in the career we would like to do. We don’t realize how beneficial role models are. They keep us motivated and hopeful. We have moments where we fall down whether it be a bad test grade or not being accepted into something and a pathway comes forth.

Knowing how to follow your educational dreams and become your own role model.(photo credit Alphabet City)

You can choose to give up or you can learn from the experience, move forward, and try again. We can’t expect ourselves to know everything all the time. Life is all about learning.  Dr. Seuss was rejected several times. Did he give up? Of course not, he pursued his dream. Now everyone wants to try green eggs and ham and go to the park in Universal.

A plethora of people thought Einstein was insane and now we praise him for his brilliance. Taking risks to pursue ideas and dreams can be worth it and it is always better to try than to wonder. So what steps can we take to pursue our dreams and follow maybe not precisely the footsteps of our role models but make ourselves proud like they make us proud?

We need to make small goals in our lives to meet and make ourselves appreciate our accomplishments. Start this as a young child if possible. Do a science fair, join the math league, do the school morning show, or join chorus if you wish. Take every chance and opportunity at school. As you start to get into the more serious stages of education, dive into your studies and figure yourself out with extra curricular activities.

Reward yourself and congratulate for every good grade and every step forward  Every accomplishment matter and is helping you get closer to your big goal. Take elective classes that will fall under your career interest or pick ones that will help you decide. Pick a career that you and solely you want. Once you have found your dream, follow it and do not let one person get in the way of it. The role models you have been admiring have had to get through obstacles and you will too.

The thing about role models is that we see them as superheroes. We tend to believe they come from the plan Kyrpton or got bit by a radioactive spider. The truth of the matter is that they are just like us, the only difference is that they followed their dreams and we have the chance to. They took their chances now you need to do it as well. It does not matter your age or circumstance. If there is a dream in you heart and mind, follow it to the fullest.

Education is crucial to have success but we must use the examples we have seen, our dreams, and our knowledge to fully succeed.

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