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It has become a rule that if you want to get into a university after high school, you must have two years of a language class. Many students wonder why this is important and what they do not realize is that the school organization is preparing you for the real world. There are countless cultures and languages in the world and with all of those different ideas and voices, we try to combine them to reach similar goals. Making everyone learn one language has been seen as selfish. We should all try to break away the fence and become one as people. Some people may disagree or agree with that idea but there are educational benefits and future job benefits from knowing more than one language.

The benefits to learning another language.(photo credit Shane Global Language Centres)


There are many advantages to learning more languages. When it comes to wanting to be accepted into some kind of school or program, you stand out from the crowd. After looking at so many applications, people start to mesh together and the ones looking over the applications need some kind of trait or skill to remember you and want to accept you. It also shows various tweets that people are looking for when looking over an application. You show determination by working harder to not only know your first language well but also by taking the time to know another language and at a good level. They want to accept someone who is a hard worker and willing to do extra work, they do not want someone who wants to do the bare minimum. It also shows your ability to go outside of your comfort zone and excel while outside of it. You show intelligence and persistence. Learning a new language is not easy which also shows strength and willingness to practice.

When applying for a job, it will also make you stand out but it also might be the reason you get a job. there are various professions that benefit from knowing more than one language  Any job that has to do with customer service can make things run more smoothly by making a customer more comfortable and making them understand a product or price better. It can also help with company meetings and dealing with company partners that live across the world. There are ways around the language barrier but having an employee that can make the job easier makes the company look even better.

There has also been other various benefits from learning more languages that also help you better as a human. It has been shown that you will get better at multitasking because your brain multitasks when having to translate between languages. You already get used to having to do so many things at once that you will be able to handle it with less stress. It has also been shown that it will help against memory loss because of the extra training it makes your brain do. There are various benefits to learning another language whether it is educational or not and the power of knowledge  is always a plus.

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