Behind Every Famous Person is a Fabulous Teacher

On teachers count, the home page proclaims the statement, “Behind every famous person is a fabulous teacher.” Yet the teachers in our daily lives do not receive fame or fortune – very seldom do they receive recognition for the stress that they take on to help that student become the successful individual that they are. It is odd considering a teacher can shape our lives like a parent could in the home, yet we do not maintain a relationship with them after schooling is over. In fact, even the teacher that has affected me the most by introducing me to the religion that I deem my foundation in life on has been soon forgotten. Sometimes you just lose touch. However, the phrase is not limited to just a pretty quote we can dangle in our faces as we face tribulations as teachers or pupils – instead, teacher’s count has created a campaign based on the concept.

Lets just stop for a moment and think about the teachers who have been most influential in our lives. (photo by US Department of Education)

Lets just stop for a moment and think about the teachers who have been most influential in our lives. (photo by US Department of Education)

The campaign, a PSA announcement, created by Allen Kay of Korey Kay Partners, pairs well-known inspirations with their own inspirations. The concept was to publicize the inspirations behind the celebrities. Of course, they needed to use celebrities to draw attention to the true cause – which is to promote “…public support of the teaching profession.” As well as “to make current teachers feel appreciated,” and “to encourage today’s youth to become tomorrow’s fabulous teachers.” The celebrities are used in the campaign to not only show how successful we can be from having a strong teacher to impact us, but to give children the idea that teachers are important by utilizing well-known celebrities that students can identify with, listen to, or watch as they play sports.

Being a teacher is undoubtedly a hard job. It takes a certain kind of skill and ability that not everyone honestly has, and because of the environment, being a teacher who is not fit to teach will undoubtedly hinder things more so than help. Not only do you have to deal with such a variety of students in our melting pot culture, but you are also expected to get the students ready for standardized testing or perhaps even college readiness. Regardless of the level of your teaching, you are expected to have your students succeed. After all, to be a teacher is to teach. To teach is to install life-long lessons into pupils. One of my teachers currently has stated that the reason he teaches is because he understands he is not going to reach all of his students, but instead just one pupil per year. And that one pupil will make all of the difference.

Some celebrities that have been depicted in ads distributed by Scholastic on the campaign are as follows: Scott McCreery, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Alec Baldwin, Guy Fieri, and America Ferrera, to name a few.

To show the impact that the instructors and mentors have had on the lives of these famous people, they depict them in posters as hugging their celebrity students, and doing something with them lovingly.

What a great idea it is to appreciate the people who work hard everyday to make you successful. From staying at school, grading papers for three hours after they clock out, to buying your lunch when you don’t have any money to purchase it, teachers should be respected. The campaign is a great way to do so.

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