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No one would turn down having extra cash. In lieu of the organizing spree that I am currently on, it became apparent to me that I have way too much stuff. It’s not like this stuff was worthless or wasted; it’s just simply things that take up space and that add up quickly. With my every-other-week thrift sprees and the way I read far too many books, it’s no wonder that my room is struggling to maintain some sort of decency. Oh, and don’t forget about your music, dvds, and old video games.

What better way to declutter than to give your unwanted stuff to someone else? (photo by osseous)

What better way to declutter than to give your unwanted stuff to someone else? (photo by osseous)

If you’re ever in a spot where you need extra money, and you realize that three-fourths of your closet hasn’t been touched in the past six months, then it may be time to trade those babies in for some cold, hard cash! There are used clothing stores that would love to take your gently used clothing and resell it to someone else. For college-aged students in the United States and Canada, there may be a Plato’s Closet around you that will do just that!

Now, for the clothes that they don’t take – go ahead and be smart about it! Although you won’t profit from donating your clothes, you’re helping someone who would otherwise not be able to have the clothes. You can donate to any organization – from your local church to your local Goodwill. Either way, you’re helping someone.

As for your books – if you just finished one of your courses, the best course of action is to sell your textbooks. If you need help, here’s an article I wrote in the past about the best way to sell your used textbooks.

For all other books – from self-help to a biotechnology textbook, you can take it to a local used bookstore and see if they will purchase it from you. You may have to set up an appointment with the book buyer. If not, you can also donate your books. A simple Google search will allow you to look up the local used bookstores in your area. I can’t wait to rid myself of all of the young adult books I read in middle school. There is really no reason why they should be here to take up room in my shelves.

Now, what also takes up room in my shelves are cds, video games and dvds – although I don’t have much of these, I’ve never really been a big gamer or movie-watcher – and I know someone else would like to play the games, watch the movies, ¬†for cheaper prices than actual value. If you’ve gotten enough of a game, dvd, or cd – and don’t view it as a source of future nostalgia – it may be worth taking it to a Sound Exchange or a GameStop.

So rethink all of your material possessions – and if you decide you don’t want it – try your best to get rid of it in a beneficial way.


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