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There are so many things to purchase while in college, from your tuition and dorm room, to gas money, printer ink, and textbooks – and it’s all very draining! So help out your wallet a tiny bit by using this article as your means to find the best places to get textbooks. Whether used or new, whether rented or bought – these are places you should look to in starting the new school year, prepared to the best of your ability.

Textbooks are much needed, very expensive school supplies. (photo by BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives)

Textbooks are much needed, very expensive school supplies. (photo by BiblioArchives / LibraryArchives)

#1. Chegg

Instead of buying your books, you can rent them for a semester and have the wonderful benefit of having somewhere between thirty and eighty percent off the price it would have been to have bought even used. The guy at my school’s financial aid office recommended this site to me to help me out. After the class is over, you can ship the book back for free.

#2. Amazon

Believe it or not, Amazon is actually a great place you can go to for all of your textbook needs. You can find extremely used books for incredibly cheap, or relatively used books for relatively cheap, etc… I think you catch my drift. They even have a textbook section that makes for easy searches for students.

#3. AbeBooks

The special thing about AbeBooks is that they have rare listings too! Other than that, it’s a massive marketplace for used and new textbooks. With a thirty day return policy and money in your pocket as you ship them back, this may be just the place you needed to know about for your books.

#4. Half, a company branching from eBay, has a focal point on all things media and books. It’s basically the best way to find quick, easy, and cheap textbooks with their Buying Wizard feature – that basically finds the cheapest combo of shipping and book purchases for you, so you’re always getting the best pricing that the company has to offer.

#5. Big Words

Big Words is nice because unlike Half, it searches through several textbook retailers instead of just their own stock listing – so you can truly find the best price available. When the semester is over, you can apparently use their search engine in reverse to sell the books that you got in the beginning of the semester – or better yet, donate them to Better World Books to help fight illiteracy in developing nations.

Although on the poll given by lifehacker, Amazon won as the best place to buy cheap textbooks – commentators are saying that Big Words is their favorite place, hands down – because they can see what Amazon, along with all other four textbook directories in one place. I’d have to agree – if there’s any place that I would say is, hands down, the best place to get cheap textbooks, it’s Big Words.

Choose for yourself – and try to save the most money that you can!

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