Bethany College (West Virginia) Distance Learning

Bethany College is located in Bethany, West Virginia and is an elite private liberal arts college chartered in 1840.  It is the oldest private college in the state of West Virginia and is affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ).  Notable alumni include successful business professionals such as Ken Bado of Autodesk and Robert J. McCann of Wealth Management Americas UBS.  Bethany College prides itself in offering a distinctive and highly contemporary learning experience grounded in the liberal arts.  Students can choose from more than 25 areas of study and can add emphasis to a particular topic or even include different minors into their educational plans.

Nestled in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains is the 1,300-acre Bethany College campus.  The scenery is comprised of forested undulating hills and beautiful open spaces with beautiful green vegetation throughout.  If a student is yearning for an urban excursion, only a 50-minute drive from campus is Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.  Pittsburg is home to the famous National Football League football team known as the Steelers.  Tourists can also enjoy the Duquesne Incline which is a railroad climbing Mt. Washington that boasts breathtaking views of Pittsburg and the surrounding areas.

Campus life at Bethany includes a vibrant student ministry.  Bethany College invites all faculty, staff, and students who wish to grow in their faith.  Historically, the school has been affiliated with the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and is a wonderful place to encounter interreligious or interdenominational activities.  Student religious organizations include Active Disciples on Campus (ADOC), The Well, and Christian Fellowship.  College life at Bethany also comes with an excellent dining plan where patrons have the option between the all-you-choose-to-eat at the Benedum Commons Market Place or at a one of the retail establishments.

The curriculum at Bethany College is set apart by its focus on each student separately to increase their intellectual capacity.  Seminars are held in the first year and seniors take all-encompassing examinations.  This approach readies Bethany students and alumni for constant challenge, obtaining goals, and discipline for ideal placement in future employment.  Key majors include Accounting, Business Administration, Communications and Media Arts, and Physical Education and Sports Studies.  Double majors are available which indicate that a student has completed all courses and assignments in two separate fields of study including senior projects and examinations.  Dual majors are available when faculty from two separate fields of study determine that their curriculum overlaps and allow students the opportunity to complete only one senior project and an extended all-encompassing examination.  Both the double major and the dual major are noted on the students’ transcript.

Bethany College does not currently offer any complete distance learning programs, but it will likely be offered in the future.  Additionally, Bethany boasts a unique set of programs known as Cooperative Programs.  The Engineering 3+2 Cooperative Program is an engineering program that allows students to simultaneously earn both a Bachelor’s degree from Bethany College and another Bachelor’s of Science degree from a cooperating institute of higher education.

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