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According to the Bible, from the beginning of time, man was given the task of learning. He was to, in a sense, prescribe animals their names, and then care for the land. But first he had to learn these things. He had to learn his placement, he had to learn his responsibility in Eden, among other things. So what does the Bible say about Education? Does it correlate with my past post on the argument on wisdom versus knowledge? Is college for us?

Of course, we can take verses from the Bible and make it fit how we wish for things to sound, but the fact is, between Christianity and every other religion, a value like education can not be worth less than something such as material goods. For an education will last you a lifetime and give you much more benefits than, for example, your looks and your youth. For example, the Bible verses found in Proverbs 4, speaking on wisdom and knowledge, as well as Proverbs 2:3-5, allow us to see that there is more to life than just passing by without direction.

Is this place really for Christians? (photo by Herrylawford

Is this place really for Christians? (photo by Herry Lawford)

What I find is the best for a Christian entering the college life is to pray, pray, pray. Spend time with God, and just be still and listen to Him. If one were to believe in God, one must believe that He would designate their life and pathway for them, which includes which college they attend. Frankly, you cheapen a religion if you do not follow it wholeheartedly or in entirety. This can be a difficult task for many – especially those with control complexes. A friend of mine who is a pronounced Christian, ended up waiting about a year and a half after high school before realizing where God wanted her to be which ended up in a full time job position at a bank. Now, she enjoys spending time with and “spreading love” to her coworkers by means of baked goods and friendship.

Nonetheless, if education is placed at a higher level than God, there is a problem. Ecclesiastes 12:12 says that, “Of making many books there is no end, and much study wearies the body.” As much knowledge that you wish to acquire, as much wisdom as you think you can attain, none of it is important without a true understanding of the God you serve or the “heart” of the matter. God has to come before everything, and for a Christian, this means before work life, school life, love life, family life, and even the time you spend alone, in your room, with your thoughts strayed out across the floor.

So, yes, it is not a bad thing to go after an education – as long as you pursue it with caution in the sense of keeping God first. But there is nothing wrong with wanting better for yourself – a higher paying job, better benefits, and even just knowledge in general. Remember though, there is a difference between knowledge and wisdom. The difference is the heart and the mind.

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    Want to Study Bible(Bachelor In Theology) guide me an online university, which shall give material both online and Physical (books).

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