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Binghamton University, or also known as State University of New York at Binghamton, is a public university of research that is located in Binghamton, New York. The university is considered to be a world-class institution that combines interdisciplinary studies, innovative education, and research opportunities for undergraduate students alike. All of this is encased in an affordable model that allows students of all backgrounds to achieve through higher education.

With use of EngiNet software, graduate students can earn a degree in the comfort of their own home. EngiNet software is educational software distributed by the university with a loosely constructed timeline along which a student completes their coursework. A graduate student can earn a Master of Science in Computer Science, a Master of Electrical Engineering, a Master of Industrial Engineering, and a Master of Science in Systems Science.

Binghamton University does offer undergraduate distance learning, but not for the purposes of a certificate or degree. Instead the university offers online courses in a non-credit format for students that want to continue their education. There are over 600 courses that cover an expansive array of topics.

The main topics covered in these non-credit online courses are Business, Health Care, Mutlimedia & Design, Personal Enrichment, Career, and Computer Education. Some course topics include, but are not limited to Basic Computer Literacy, Microsoft Certification, Courses for Teaching Professionals, Law and Legal Careers, Video Game Design & Development, Accounting, Business Administration & Management, and Desktop Publishing & Imaging. Each of these topics contains several courses that expand upon the topic.

For instance, if a student were to select Communications as a topic of interest, they’ll find 9 courses underneath that header. Some of the courses would be Certificate in Business Communications Management, Communication Skills For Managers, Fundamentals of Business Writing, so on and so forth. These courses could not be retrofitted for use as credits for a degree, but rather serve as a great opportunity for someone to expand upon their already obtained skills.

Tuition rates seem to make no distinction between credits earned on campus and credits earned online. Graduate students that reside within the state of New York pay $6,900 per year for their studies, assuming full-time enrollment. For part-time study, the cost is calculate at $288 per credit hour for part-time students. For out-of-state graduates, the cost of full-time tuition is $10,610 per year. At part-time rates, out-of-state students pay $455 per credit hour.

Financial aid is available and 70% of the student body receives financial aid from some source, in some form, and to some extent. 18% of the student body receives financial aid in the form of grants directly from the university itself. The average contribution size is $2,745 per student per year. 22% of the student body is supplied with federal grants and 46% of the student body is supplied with state grants, annually.

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