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Bismarck State College was founded in response to the depression in Bismarck, North Dakota in 1939.  The community was in need of a college and previously recent legislation had been provided for establishing junior colleges. This bold experiment was started in Bismarck High School on September 4th of 1939, it was initially known as a junior college. The original enrollment was 104 full-time and part-time students and 12 teachers in the high school. Eventually Bismarck State College grew to the institution for its peers to model and outgrew any originally expectations ever conceived at birth. For the fall of 2010 there were 4,177 total credit students and 13,660 served through continuing education courses for the year. The College does offer online courses and distance learning to students to make learning a more convenient and efficient effort in their daily lives.

Bismarck State College offers many different programs which lead to a few types of degrees. There are a total of sixteen programs that lead to a certificate of completion, a program certificate or an associate degree.  The main purpose of many of the programs is to give the student the advantage of education to enter a typically unattainable avenue in the workforce or to gain further knowledge in their current field. There are many general education courses offered. There is also an online Bachelor of Applied Science degree offered. The Bachelor of Applied Science in energy management is created for those potential students seeking supervisory and management positions in the energy industry.

The online programs at Bismarck State College have two main focuses; one is energy and science and the others are mostly in general degrees. The programs catered to the energy and sciences fields are Energy Technology Degrees, Electric Power Technology, Electrical Transmission Systems Technology, Nuclear Power Technology, Power Plant Technology, Process Plant Technology, Renewable Generation Technology, and a Bachelor of Applied Science in Energy Management. Some of the other general online degrees offered by Bismarck State College are Administrative Assistant – General Criminal Justice, Electronics Technology Certificate, Geographic Information Systems, Human Services, Eligibility Worker, Information Processing Specialist, Instrumentation and Control Technology, Management, Web Page Development and Design. Needless to say, there are many different fields of study offered to create avenues of success in the students’ desired industry or workplace.

Bismarck State College also offers online courses and distance learning programs to military personnel. The programs are also available to the spouses and dependents either on campus or online. There are four main programs Bismarck State College has established for militarily personnel to participate in; the Air University Associate to Baccalaureate Cooperative Program (AU-ABC), Air Force General Education Mobile (GEM), Army – 21P (Army Prime Power) and the Navy College Program Distance Learning Partnership . The programs are created to offer a convenient and flexible path to higher education; the programs are extensive and personnel should contact the appropriate offices for advisement.

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