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Blackburn College is a private liberal arts college located in the town of Carlinville, Illinois. The college was founded in the year of 1837 and named after the Reverend Gideon Blackburn.  It is one of the very few work colleges in the United States; the work program was established in 1913. The program was originally stated to qualify students who had the academic aspirations but lacked the financial means to attend the college. Blackburn College has literally been built and run but the students themselves, students are expected to contribute to the day to day successful operations of the college. Blackburn College is the least expensive private college in the state under this current model.

There are currently 6 work colleges in the country, Blackburn College is the only that is managed by the student body. The work program is run by two students that serve as general managers who are responsible for and delegate to 500 student employees. There are a variety of jobs students may fulfill, some of the available positions are carpenters, painters, landscapers, cooks, servers, administrators, computer technicians, janitors, graphic artists, security officers, assistant coaches, tutors and teaching assistants.

Each student that lives on campus is expected to take part in the work program; resident students are expected to work a minimum of 160 hours each semester to help uphold and provide for Blackburn College. Students receive a tuition credit that results in a discount as well as additional compensation in form of a paycheck in return for participating in the work program. The size of the credit increases each year the student continues to participate in the program. Roughly the student should expect a $2500 to $3000 tuition credit each year.

Blackburn College offers more than 30 majors for students to choose from. Some of the majors available to students for the Bachelor of Arts degree are Business Administration and Economics, Accounting, Business Management, Marketing, Chemistry and Physics, Biochemistry, Sport Management, and Political Science. There are many more majors to choose from students who decide to attend Blackburn College.

Blackburn College offers many extracurricular activities to keep students busy and satisfied in their college lives. Many students spend their spare time getting involved in community service work in the local community.  About 40 percent of the student body otherwise participates in athletics. Blackburn College is a NCAA Division III school and enables students to participate in 5 different men’s and 7 different women’s athletic sports.  The sports Blackburn College participates in are cross country, soccer, volleyball, basketball, baseball, softball, tennis and golf.

Blackburn College does not currently offer online courses or a distance learning program for students to incorporate into their schedules. The unique experience at Blackburn College may be well worth the trip to Illinois however. There are plenty of activities to keep students busy aside from school and work. Students will benefit from this strong community feel in the intimate setting. Students are able to hone skills in an occupation of their liking while pursuing their education amongst peers who share similar interests.

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