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Bloomfield College established in 1868, is a private four year liberal arts institution in Bloomfield, NJ.  The 11 acre campus is found in the heart of the suburbs just 15 miles from New York City. The area of northeast New Jersey offers plenty of diversity on and off campus and plenty of activity as well. There is a total of 2000 students enrolled, representing 50 different nationalities on campus. The college is considered one of the state’s best colleges by Forbes Magazine. The faculty ratio is 14:1 and the college offers mostly hybrid and also full distance learning/online courses to make the college experience more convenient for the student.

Bloomfield College offers degrees in of accounting, business, economics & computer information systems, creative arts & technology, education, humanities, natural science & mathematics, nursing, and social & behavioral sciences. Bloomfield College offers an accelerated degree program for RN to BS in Nursing in 15 to 18 months and attending class just once a week. They also offer a MS in Accounting as their only graduate program; this program typically meets the required hours for the CPA license. Some other bachelor degrees available are religion, biology, chemistry, English, history, political science, and psychology.

Most of the online courses offered are for hybrid courses, meaning the student may be expected to attend every other class or every other week. It varies with instructor but typically 30-75% of the class should be expected to be online. The full online courses may require the student to meet face to face with the instructor once at the beginning and maybe at the end of the semester.  This would be to meet the classmates and instructor initially, receive any printed handouts and perhaps to take the last exam.

The College uses an application called Blackboard to operate their online courses and communications.  This management system is used campus wide and all students and faculty have a log-in to the site.  All of the online courses and hybrid courses use Blackboard for class. Blackboard allows teachers to post information, hold discussions, and distribute tests, surveys and classwork to students.  The software seems user friendly and should be easy to use for most students; however they do offer online tutorials for any needed support.  Books may also be purchased online through the college.

Bloomfield College makes class very easy to attend if you’re a reasonable traveling distance to campus. The campus is accessible by both bus and train. Aside from the traffic, commuting in northern New Jersey offers many quick and convenient options as it enamored with roadways and highways. Under the current framework students participating in online courses should expect to attend class anywhere from once or twice a semester to one or twice a week. The expectations and commitment required would be more so immediately convenient for most students residing in New Jersey and the Tri-State area.

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