Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania Distance Learning

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania is a public university in Bloomsburg, Pa established in 1839. The 282 acre campus is located in Columbia County, approximately a mile south of interstate 80. There are 54 buildings on campus including a 50 foot climbing wall and high ropes course as well. There is a high quality residential experience at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania and many worthy options for a college major. Currently the university does not offer any types of online or distance learning programs, but the experience and values a student will receive at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania shall make the voyage certainly worth it.

On Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania’s 282 acre campus there are 7 residence halls and 3 apartment complexes. Approximately 49% of the students live on campus, the on campus living capacity is 3,523 students. The lower campus consists of residence halls, academic buildings, student services, the library and administrative buildings. Located on the upper campus are three of the student apartment complexes, athletic facilities and the 50-foot climbing wall and high ropes course. Six of the residence halls are within walking distance of downtown; the residence halls and upper campus apartments also have cable and direct internet connections.

The total enrollment of Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania is 9,512 students; 907 of these are graduate students. Most of the students are from the state of Pennsylvania; nearly 45% are from the Northeast and Central Pa counties and a little more than 10% of the students are from out of state. The student to faculty ratio is 21 to 1 and the average sizes of the classes are 32 students per lecture. Including part-time employees there are a total of 512 faculty members. Approximately 92% of the faculty has the highest degree available in their field of study. There are plenty of resources available to support and flourish the student’s academic studies at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania.

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania offers many different options for students to pursue their degree in college; they have 56 undergraduate approved degree programs, 5 pre-professional majors, 8 academic programs involving other colleges and universities, 44 undergraduate minors, 19 graduate programs leading to master’s degrees and a doctorate in audiology as well. There are 4 colleges on the campus of Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania; the College of Science and Technology, College of Business, College of Liberal Arts and College of Education. Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania offers bachelor degrees in business, health care, teacher education and science and technology to name a few.

Aside from academics there is plenty to do at Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania. The university is affiliated with the NCAA Division II and has many sports for students to participate in. Some of the sports are; softball, women’s soccer, men’s soccer, lacrosse, football, field hockey, and NCAA Division I wrestling as well. There are more than 200 campus organizations for students to join. Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania does not currently offer online courses or distance learning programs to students but they do offer a quality education to those students willing to relocate to Bloomsburg.

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