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Blue Mountain College is a private Christian university located in northern Mississippi. Blue Mountain, the town that the college is in, is named after the bluish hue of the residing hills. The college was originally founded in 1873 by General Mark Perrin Lowrey as a Christian College for women. Blue Mountain College became fully coeducational in October of 2005.  The campus stretches for 14 acres with 14 main campus buildings, including 3 residents’ halls. Two residents’ halls are for women and one hall is for men, both have been renovated within the past 5 years.

Blue Mountain College is a relatively small school, as the total enrollment for 2008 was 469 students; 25% of the students were males.  A majority, nearly 75% of the student body commutes to campus on a daily basis. The average class size is 14 students, and the student to faculty ratio is fourteen to one. The mission of the college is to prepare students for the job market, graduate school and a more enriched livelihood.

Blue Mountain College offers undergraduate degrees as Bachelors of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and a Bachelor of Science in Education. Some of the other available majors are Biblical Studies, Christian Ministry, Business Administration, Music, Fine Arts, English, Biology, and History. As of recently they also offer a Master’s in Education as well as some other programs. The college does not have a distance learning program at this time, and their online courses are quite limited. Primarily, many of the business administration courses can be found in an online format. Three other courses or programs are also offered online.

Two of the programs offered are supplementary to a focus and degree in education. Contact a counselor at Blue Mountain College to better understand how these programs may apply to you.  The college offers courses for Special Education Endorsement online. The Department of education in Mississippi makes provision so students may obtain the necessary permits to teach in the fields of elementary and secondary mild or moderate disability. Under another approved program from the Department of Education of Mississippi Blue Mountain College offers a supplementary endorsement in Library Media (K -12) online as well.  This particular endorsement may be added to either an elementary or secondary license.

The last online program Blue Mountain College offers is a dual enrollment program for early entry by high school students. Qualified applicants for the program have completed the junior year in high school and are able to obtain a stellar letter of recommendation from a faculty member, either a teacher or a counselor from their high school. Students also must have maintained a GPA of 3.0 to be eligible for the early admission program.  Most of the classes are about economics, history and religion.

This small college has a very strong community feel. Student participation in the college activities is somewhat expected. Within the next few years Blue Mountain College expects total enrollment to grow to 600, with on campus residents amounting to an estimated 175 students. There are plenty of clubs and intermural sports to fill an active student’s day throughout the school year.

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