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Bluffton University is a private Christian liberal arts college originally founded as a Mennonite college in the year of 1899. It later became known as Bluffton College and eventually grew to university status in the year 2004. Bluffton University is located in Bluffton, a small town located in northwest Ohio. The college is set off the banks of the Little Riley Creek in town. The college maybe affiliated with the Mennonite Church but the faculty and student body are diverse and many are coming from different backgrounds.

The total enrollment at the Bluffton University is 1,127 students, 766 of these students reside in the halls on campus.  There are 62 employed teachers at the college; the student to faculty ratio is 13:1.  Bluffton University requires students to live on campus in residence halls unless they live at home with their parents with homes that are located within a reasonable distance. This is in order to maintain a high quality environment that fosters education with the utmost participation and attentiveness from students. This intimate learning environment will prove to be very beneficial towards the student’s academic aspirations.

Bluffton University offers both bachelor and master’s degrees to students. The university offers study in a total of 38 majors and 20 minor s at the different colleges on campus.  Specifically, Bluffton University offer s bachelor’s degree-completion programs in organizational management and human resource management, they also offer master’s degrees in business administration, organizational management and education. Some of the majors Bluffton University offers are Accounting, Biology, Education, Mathematics, Economics, Physics, and Information Technology. These are just a few of the several majors available for students to pursue at Bluffton University.

There are plenty of activities for students to take part in to keep busy on a day to day basis. Bluffton University is a part of the NCAA Division III, the university colors are purple and white and they are known as the beavers. There are seven men’s and women’s varsity sports teams; some of the sports available at Bluffton University are basketball, cross-country, soccer, baseball, track and field and football for the men.  Some of the women sports available are softball, volleyball, track, cross country, and basketball. Aside from sports, there are over 40 extracurricular activities available to students to participate in.

Although Bluffton University does not currently offer online courses or distance learning options to students it is a worthy investment in pursuing an education and creating opportunities for the future. Most likely these programs will be available at the college in the future but currently they are unavailable to students. Bluffton University still has plenty to offer the eager student despite its lack of an online or distance learning program.  The college can offer a humble setting where students can receive all the attention they need to thrive in the classroom. There are many different academic platforms and opportunities for students to explore as well as a variety of events available on campus and in the town of Bluffton, Ohio.

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