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Bob Jones University is Christian liberal arts institution founded by Dr. Bob Jones sr. in Greenville, South Carolina on the year of 1927.  Bob Jones University is the largest fundamental Christian school in the world; the bible is a central focus in the day to day education at this university. The original enrollment at Bob Jones University was a modest 88 students and only 3 majors at the time; today there are more than 4,000 students and there are many majors for students to choose from. Bob Jones University also makes an effort to offer online courses and distance learning programs to students.

The 205 acre campus of Bob Jones University is located in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in northwestern South Carolina.  Greenville is about 150 miles northeast of Atlanta, and 100 miles southwest of Charlotte; approximately 65,000 people live in the city. On campus there are 10 residence halls and a museum as well. Three of the residence halls on campus have music rooms with pianos for practicing voice and instruments. The university itself is composed of six schools; College of Arts and Science, School of Religion, Seminary & Graduate, School of Religion, School of Fine Arts and Communication, School of Education, and the School of Business.

Bob Jones University offers many different undergraduate and graduate programs for students to pursue their various academic interests. Some of the most popular majors offered through the six schools on campus are Bible, Biblical Counseling, Elementary Education, Humanities and Nursing. Every semester Bob Jones University also offers many online undergraduate and graduate classes that last typically six to eight weeks. The classes allow you to participate at the student’s discretion while they are still responsible for meeting structured deadlines. Bob Jones University does not offer online degree programs but up to 30 credit hours may be earned towards a degree. Students may also take advantage of independent learning courses available all year; these are self-paced online courses that allow up to a year for completion. The online courses are of the same high quality of the classes on campus at Bob Jones University.

Aside from classes there are things to do on campus at Bob Jones University to keep students entertained throughout the school year. The Bob Jones University Museum and Gallery on campus is well known as having one of the country’s finest collections of Italian paintings. There are also many different types of student organizations at Bob Jones University for students to choose from, there is student government, campus media, and community relations to name a few. Some of the student organizations on campus are Ministry, Leadership & Service, Education/Language, Medical, Business/Law, Music, Media, Speech, and Art. Needless to say there is plenty to do besides class to keep the days lively at Bob Jones University.

Whether students are able to live on campus or not Bob Jones University has much to offer while earning a degree. The online classes make it easy to learn while working, and the on campus amenities make it easy to have fun while learning.

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