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We’ve all heard the saying, “Dress for success!” In fact, there are days dedicated to it while you’re in middle and high school (perhaps even elementary school?) Well, of course it’s always good to dress like you know how to maintain a sense of professionalism and fashion sense – but what appears to be even more important than that is after grabbing someone’s attention and respect, knowing what to do with it. That’s where this article comes into play – considering they say that language is ten percent what you say, ninety percent how you say it. Body language is key to being successful in the business world – and as my Professor keeps saying, “America’s business is business.”

The way you speak is mostly body language. (photo by The hills are alive (back for a bit....)

The way you speak is mostly body language. (photo by The hills are alive (back for a bit….)

As according to openforum, there are five things that you may be doing right now that reveal that you are a multitude of things, including being weak, shy, unconfident, and/or confused. It is fairly important to recognize these things so that you can overcome them in that setting. Please remember – this article is not intended to change you and the essence of who you are – but solely lies for the purpose of professional settings.

#1. Crossing your ankles when standing

First of all, I don’t even understand this one. I’ve never crossed my ankles while standing, it just seems like it would get uncomfortable way too quickly. Of course the article suggests this one is mainly for women who are in uncomfortable heels, but regardless – I still have not seen women in heels strike this pose. But on the off-chance that you’re doing it – here’s why you should stop: It gives the depiction that you are shy and/or insignificant.

#2. Holding your hands over your groin area

This is called the “fig leaf position” because your hands take the place of a fig leaf – much like how Adam and Eve attempted to cover themselves up and hide from God because they had realized they were naked and sinful. In the same way, if you do that pose now – people are going to think you are unimportant, apparently. You can also hold an item if you find yourself more often than not doing this without thinking – but just don’t hold a cell phone, because that suggests that you don’t have time.

#3. Nervous habits

I tried to pick the body language tips that most appeal to both males and females – so as to not be sexist, because body language is something everyone can improve on – not just women! In any case, males and females both may have nervous habits. These things, such as playing with your hair, biting your lip, scratching your neck, among other things – all reveal that you are not confident, and it is easy to assume that you won’t be taken seriously. The solace: learn to control your breathing – for it’s when your breathing is out of control that these nervous ticks appear.

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