Boise State University Distance Learning

Boise State University is located in Boise, Idaho. This University has an accredited distance learning program for students who cannot attend classes on campus. Distance learning, or online learning, is meant to make receiving a higher education easier for those who need an open schedule because of work, kids, disabilities that prevent them from leaving the house, or any other number of things. Distance learning is a great alternative to having to go to a campus every day. The classwork can be done at home and most materials can be turned in online.

Boise State distance learning programs offer students five different ways to communicate with instructors. Three of the ways are referred to as asynchronous, which means that the learning does not have to happen on “real time.” The other two ways are synchronous, which means that the learning is happening in real time. Asynchronous classes are delivered to students via the internet, teleweb, and online professional education. The synchronous classes are viewed by using video conferencing or telecourses.

The distance learning program at Boise State University has many courses available for students, but some of the courses do require a certain amount of in-class labs, exams and meetings depending on the degree being obtained. The online courses can cover most degree requirements with the option to transfer credits when needed. There is an entire electronic campus dedicated to the distance learning program at Boise State University.

BSU offers an online master’s degree, bachelor’s degrees and graduate degrees as well as an endorsement program and graduate certificates. On average, this University has over 8,000 students enrolled in the distance learning program. One of the largest programs offered is the Instructional Performance and Technology Masters and Career Certificate.

There are over two hundred and forty courses available online through this school. There are over two hundred teachers for the distance learning program. Having so many educators available is great for the students because it makes it easier for them to get any one on one time that they need and it also helps to get answers to questions or problems quicker. Boise State University has a course for the teachers to go through so that they stay up with the technology and needs of electronic teaching called the eLearning Quality Instruction Program. Students using the online courses through Boise State will have the best teachers and educational material available to obtain the degree they want.

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