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Bowdoin College is located in the town of Brunswick, Maine and was founded back in the year of 1794. The college is highly selective in regards to enrollment and has a total of 1,730 students from around the world currently attending. The residential college is within a reasonable distance from the cities of both Boston and Portland; Bowdoin College is surrounded by mountains, lakes, rivers and beautiful landscapes as well. Professors and faculty members here have been educating young students from around the world here since near after the conception of the United States of America; they focus on educating and preparing the leaders of today and tomorrow for success and great positive influence.

Bowdoin College has six different options for students to choose from to pursue their major; they are a departmental major, two departmental majors; also known as a double major, a coordinate major, an interdisciplinary major, a student-designed major, or any of the preceding along with a departmental minor as well. Bowdoin College offers programs and majors in the some of the following areas of study; Art, History, Asian Studies, Biochemistry, Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, Music, Neuroscience, Philosophy, Physics and Astronomy. These are just a few of the areas of study students are able to pursue at Bowdoin College, there offer many more as well.

Bowdoin College also has many different activities for students to participate in to stay entertained from day to day living on campus. Currently at Bowdoin College, there are 31 varsity teams for students to participate in and more than 24 fitness or sports programs along with 3 levels of intramural competition in 10 sports as well. Some of the varsity teams at Bowdoin College are Baseball, Basketball, Cross Country, Football, Ice Hockey, and Lacrosse for men. The college currently offers Field Hockey, Softball, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse, Nordic Skiing, and Rugby for women. Some of the intercollegiate teams are rowing, ultimate Frisbee, water polo and also rugby for men as well. Needless to say there are many athletic activities and events for students to enjoy along with peers throughout the school year at Bowdoin College.

Unfortunately, Bowdoin College does not currently offer online courses or distance learning programs for students to participate in to make learning and pursuing a degree more convenient. Eventually, perhaps this option will be available to students who are not able to attend classes on campus regularly. For those students who live within a reasonable distance to Bowdoin College campus and are able to attend classes regularly this may be a very pleasant college experience to look into. There are many options as to the type of major to earn at the college and also many different areas of study as well. With the ability to double major, along with some of the other options available to students, receiving an education with a strong foundation is easy and readily achievable at Bowdoin College. The intimate learning environment will provide attention for the student along with many activities and sports to participate in with peers.

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