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When you think of apps for phones and tablets, you think of Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja. There are more games than just ones with odd violence. There are actually quite a few apps that are brain teasers and have become quite popular. What are some of the games and what makes them so popular? Apps are used for many reasons. You may want to defeat spaceships in the sky or run away from ghosts. You may want to waste time at the airport and waiting at an appointment. You may also use it just for some entertainment anywhere. Not many people would think that people may use it to learn or to test themselves of their knowledge.

Many apps can be entertaining and have education value.(photo credit digiensemble)

So which educational apps are popular now and what are they like? There is one called Daily Art that will send one piece of classic art to your phone or tablet everyday. It comes with the picture of the art and some background information on the painting and the artist. So you get to admire some art and learn something new about a type of art or about a artist you never heard of. There are some games that are more recreational such as Instinct where you get to learn notes on a guitar and how pitch works. The computer shows you the notes needed for a certain song and you attempt to mimic it and the app will tell you if you are doing it correctly.

There are even apps recommended to help high school students stay on track with school and help them with subjects. To be accepted into a university you must complete two years of a foreign language and of course learning a new language is a challenging task. There is an app called Essentials by AccelaStudy that has options such as quizzes, audio practice, flashcards, repetition, statistics, and study tools. The app will give a student extra practice with a language in a way that is convenient and will grab their attention easier. A teacher can of course guide you but sometimes all you need is a little practice and teens tend to get distracted easily but they will focus on a phone or tablet in a heartbeat.

A very common part of a high school student’s life is frog dissection. Some dread it and some look forward to it. It may be a messy job with smells and sights that are somewhat unpleasant but it is a lesson that is important and should be given. Many students excuse themselves from the task and resort to a book but a description isn’t the same as actually having the body in front of you and analyzing it yourself. An app called Frog Dissection It allows you to learn about a frog’s anatomy while staying away from the formaldehyde.

Educational apps can be for fun, to exercise the brain now and then, or to challenge a friend. They can also be used as a study tool in a society where mobile devices come before books. Game design is a now common and interesting field with all of the endless possibilities and uses.

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