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Brandies University is a liberal arts college founded in 1948, named after Supreme Court Justice Brandies who exemplified the values of academic excellence and social justice. The classes began with a moderate enrollment of 107 students being taught my 13 faculty members. Today the campus is built on 253 suburban acres in Waltham, Massachusetts. The college is located just 9 miles of the great city of Boston. The historic city provides many activities for students to take part in and stay entertained while pursuing a quality education.

Today the 235 acre campus of Brandies University has over 100 buildings and 11 campus residence halls on site. Currently there is a total of more than 5000 students enrolled at Brandies University, 3,360 of the students are pursuing undergraduate studies. Around 83% of the undergraduate students live on campus and 74% of undergraduate students are out of state. The student to faculty ratio is 9 to 1; there are 356 full-time instructional faculty and 128 part-time instructional faculty employed. Brandies University is both a global research university and a liberal arts college. This focus attracts academic faculty and leaders of high quality while still providing the intimate attention students have grown to expect liberal arts colleges.

Brandies University currently has 6 schools or colleges on campus that students attend to pursue their major, they are; the College of Arts and Sciences (Undergraduate), Brandeis International Business School, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Heller School for Social Policy and Management, and the Rabb School of Continuing Studies. The Rabb School of Continuing Studies offers graduate professional programs for part time students and nearly 66% of the total students attend the College of Arts and Sciences. Aside from these options, the Brandies University does offer online courses and distance learning programs for students.

Brandies University does offer traditional distance learning courses to graduate students so they may pursue a higher degree while working anywhere in the world. The programs they offer are Health and Medical Informatics, Information Assurance, Information Technology Management, Management of Projects and Programs, Software Engineering, and Virtual Team Management and Communication.  There is no physically meeting for the courses; students may connect to the internet at any time to attend class. Students will participate in weekly discussions and lectures and will submit work on the weekend and take exams online. The online module will be the primarily communication between the graduate student and Brandies University.

There are options for success at Brandies University, whether that is enjoying the campus life or getting things done at a convenience while making strides towards achieving goals. On campus there are many activities for students to enjoy. There are more than 250 clubs and organizations for students to join on campus aside from touring the sites and great city of Boston. Brandies University is a NCAA Division III school and has 17 different sports for students to compete in. For men and women there is basketball, cross country, fencing, indoor track and field, outdoor track and field, soccer, and tennis. Needless to say, Brandies University is a great place to start and finish a college career.

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