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Brenau University is located at 500 Washington Street in Gainesville, GA. This private college was founded in the city of Gainesville in the year of 1878 as Georgia Baptist Female Seminary; although there was no church affiliation. In the year of 1900 it was named Brenau College and eventually in 1992 became Brenau University. In 1972, the focus of the institution was expanded to serving a greater population of the adult and non-traditional students in convenient formats. This intent has resulted in very respectable and convenient online courses and distance learning programs for students to participate in from all locations.

Brenau University offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees along with specialty degrees at their five locations in the state of Georgia. Brenau University is grouped and serves students from four divisions; The Women’s College in Gainesville, Brenau’s Evening and Weekend College for adult men and women at the 5 locations across Georgia, The Online College and lastly, the Brenau Academy which provides high quality college prep education for female high school students. Brenau University teaches academia through its colleges and schools; the College of Business and Mass Communication, College of Education, College of Fine Arts and Humanities, College of Health and Science, and the Sidney O. Smith Jr. Graduate School.

Currently there are a total of 2,500 students enrolled at Brenau University’s four schools (Education, Fine Arts and Humanities, Health Sciences, and Business and Mass Communication). Brenau University offers many different areas of study for students to pursue an education in; some of them are Accounting, Brenau University, Arts Management, English, Fashion Design, International Studies, Liberal Studies, Mass Communication, Fashion Merchandising and Health Science. These are just a few of the areas of study for students to major in at Brenau University; there are many more still available. Online classes are available to both students on and off campus, but there is no on campus requirement to complete degree programs for Brenau University online.

Brenau University offers a very flexible high quality options for completing degree programs online. The university offers programs to both graduate and undergraduate students and there is no online requirement, allowing students to work from anywhere in the world at their leisure while earning a degree. Brenau University offers a total of 16 online degree programs for undergraduate and graduate students; they offer an associate of arts through the online Blackboard module as well. The courses may be more hard then easy for some, they typically require 5 to 7 days per week “attendance” culminating to an expected 15 hour per week to complete. The classes are always available allowing students to complete classes at their convenience.

Some of the online undergraduate degrees offered are in Accounting, Business Administration and Bachelor of Science in Human Resources Management. Some of the graduate degrees offered are Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Business Administration in Accounting, and Master of Business Administration in Healthcare Management. Brenau University offers many viable and favorable options academically, whether the student decides to attend class on campus or pursue their degree online.

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