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Briar Cliff University is located in Sioux City, Iowa just minutes from downtown. This city is actually located where the states of Nebraska, South Dakota and Iowa meet, approximately 145,000 people reside in Sioux City.  Briar University is of Catholic origin and was founded in the year of 1930. The university offers student both graduate and undergraduate degrees and is self-described as providing that “small town” fell for students. Briar Cliff University does not currently offer online or distance learning programs for students but there are a variety of academic avenues to purse as well as many activities and athletics for students to participate in.

Briar Cliff University is located on hilltop; there are four residence halls, a library, three academic buildings, the Newman Flanagan Center athletic facilities and the Stark Student Center. The total enrollment at Briar Cliff University is 1,100 students coming from 28 different states. The average class size is 19 students and the student to faculty ratio is 19 to 1. The small to moderate class sizes will allow students to acquire the help and attention they need from faculty to succeed in their academic majors. There is a strong sense of community throughout the university and generally in Sioux City as well, it is not uncommon for residents to greet one another as they pass in the streets.

Briar Cliff University provides both graduate and undergraduate degrees for students to pursue their individual educational interests. Briar Cliff University offers a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Bachelor of Social Work, or Associate of Arts degree for undergraduate enrollment. For graduate students the university has degrees as Master of Arts in Human Resource Management, Master of Science in Nursing, and a Graduate Management Certificate as well.  There are a number of majors for students to choose from, some of the available undergraduate programs are Art, Biology, Business Administration, Chemistry, Computer Science, Criminal Justice, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Mathematics, Medical Technology, Nursing, Political Science and Psychology. These are just some of the majors for students to enroll in; Briar Cliff University offers many more to choose from.

Aside from academics, there are many activities for students to participate in throughout the school year at Briar Cliff University. Aside from living the life in the city, there are also travel opportunities and sports on campus along with student clubs and organizations as well. Briar Cliff University has intercollegiate sports for men in football, golf, baseball, basketball, and wrestling to name a few. For women the university has sports in softball, tennis, track & field, basketball and cross country as well as many others.  Some of the intramural and recreational sports available at the school are dodgeball, indoor soccer, table tennis, and weight training. There are clubs for dance, radio, government, ministry and many more.

Although there is no online or distance learning program available for students at this university; there are things Briar Cliff University has to offer students. The homely environment increases the likelihood for academic success and there plenty of options available throughout the week to keep even the most active students satisfied.

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