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Bridgewater College can be found at 402 East College Street in the city of Bridgewater, Virginia; the current population here is approximately 5,203 current residents. Bridgewater College was actually the first co-educational institution in the state of Virginia. This private, liberal arts college is a four year institution that was founded in the year of 1880. Not too long ago, Bridgewater College was recognized as “One of the Best Virginia Colleges and Universities in the Southeast”, published by the renowned The Princeton Review. Bridgewater College is located just 8 minutes from the nearby city Harrisonburg, Virginia; population of 44,015 current residents. There are many activities for students to engage in both on and off the campus of Bridgewater College.

The campus of Bridgewater College stretches for an estimated 300 acres, including an equestrian center on site. Currently, at Bridgewater College right now there are an estimated 1,700 full time students enrolled on campus; these students come from 24 different states and 5 different countries as well. There are 39 part-time faculty members at Bridgewater College along with 104 full-time faculty members now employed. The average class size at Bridgewater College is approximately 20 students.

The College has many different academic options for students to achieve; currently, at the present time, the university offers a total of 63 undergraduate majors and minors, 11 Concentrations and or Specializations, 9 Pre-professional Programs, 4 Dual Degree Programs, and Teacher Education and Certification. The college does offer students degrees in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science programs as well. Some of the most popular majors at Bridgewater College are Biology, Business Administration, Liberal Studies, Health and Exercise Science, Athletic Training and Psychology. There are still many more academic opportunities available at Bridgewater College.

Bridgewater College has more to offer students aside from academics. On campus there is an equestrian center for those students who are into riding horses; this is just one of the many things to do at the college. Bridgewater College is a member of the NCAA Division III and Member of the Old Dominion Athletic Conference; currently, the college competes in 20 intercollegiate teams for students to compete in. Aside from intercollegiate teams, there are a wide variety of intramural sports and also many clubs and student organizations to join as well. Bridgewater College does have other outdoor activities besides the equestrian center. Many students frequent the nearby 139,000 acre George Washington National Forest; this is a place where students go hiking, fishing, biking, and horseback riding.

Even though currently Bridgewater College has no online or distance learning program available for enrollment at this time, maybe one day soon in the future it will be available at the college. Still, there are advantages Bridgewater College has to offer students in the surrounding region. Bridgewater College has a variety of degree programs and several departments of study for students to major in; the college also does compete in a strong athletic program for those student athletes that may be interested. The countryside surroundings, academic opportunities and surrounding activities here offer plenty of options available throughout the campus to keep even the sprightliest students satisfied.

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