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Bridgewater State University is a public liberal arts college in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. It was originally founded in 1840 by Horace Mann, an American public education pioneer and has since grown to be the state’s largest public school behind the University of Massachusetts. The 270-acre campus has 38 academic, administrative and residential buildings. Currently the college does offer a few types of online or distance learning programs, the experience and values a student will receive at Bridgewater State University shall make the journey truly worth it.

Right now there are an estimated eleven thousand full-time and part-time undergraduate and graduate students who attend Bridgewater State University. The faculty of 300 operates and teaches the students from within the 5 schools on campus grounds. In these 5 schools, Bridgewater State University offers more than 90 graduate and undergraduate programs for student to follow. Bridgewater State University offers bachelor degrees from the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, School of Science and Mathematics, School of Education and Allied Studies and the School of Business. The university also prepares educators for postgraduate licensure and offers graduates degrees in the following fields; Master of Arts and Master of Science in select disciplines, as well as the Master of Arts in Teaching, the Master of Education, the Master of Public Administration, the Master of Science in Management and the Master of Social Work.

Technology is is an important principle at Bridgewater State University; it is an integral part of delivering education to the students in an efficient manner. Under this principle Bridgewater State University has made technology a vital part of both teaching and learning on a daily basis; as a result Bridgewater State University has developed a couple online options to aid in students in the pursuit of their degree. Currently the university offers 4 options for online courses or distance learning programs to some. These programs are not necessarily traditional and they seem most catered to aiding current students on campus perhaps. Fortunately tuition and fees for these classes is the same as the traditional classes on campus.

The four options Bridgewater State University offers students are more tailored to students who are able to get to campus, meaning they reside within some reasonable distance. These classes at Bridgewater State University are meant to enable the student to earn credit from home or the office while adding flexibility to their schedule and saving money on gas. The university does offer 100% web based classes; these are described as being entirely over the web, there are no face to face meetings. For the more specific details students are advised to confer with the designated professor.  Bridgewater State University also offers dvd and video courses sent by postage. Another online option that’s available are web-based with some lecture, which is estimated 80% online and 20% face to face in class. The last option is web- hybrid classes; the students spend about half the time in class face to face with the teacher and the other half is spent online.

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