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Brigham Young University–Idaho is a private four year university located in Rexburg, Idaho. The college was originally established in 1888 as Bannock Stake Academy by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Soon after it was changed from Bannock Stake Academy to Ricks College; the college eventually grew to be the largest private junior college in the country with an enrollment of over 7500 students. In August of 2001 Ricks College became a four year institution and officially changed its name to Brigham Young University–Idaho. Today the total enrollment of the university is 14,150 students; the assertive approach Brigham Young University–Idaho takes towards education affords these students many opportunities to achieve their goals.

Brigham Young University–Idaho does offer both online courses and a distance learning program, although there are some parameters for which one may or may not be applicable. The online courses provided by BYU-Idaho are for any students who have credits at another college and may want to take individual courses to transfer to a different college or non-degree seeking individuals. The university also offers online courses for previously enrolled students at Ricks, BYU-I, BYU-Hawaii, or LDSBC that are pursuing their degree. For those wanting to earn an online degree, Brigham Young University–Idaho has three programs that they offer; Associates in General Studies, Bachelor of University Studies or Bachelor of Science in Applied Management.

The allotted time to complete these degrees is quite reasonable; it is double the time it takes to usually complete each degree. A student earning an online Bachelor of University Studies or Bachelor of Science in Applied Management has 8 years to complete it. The college does acknowledge that these three programs are degrees of completion; they are only general studies and not specialty studies as with most on campus degrees. They are offered under the supposition that most employers are more concerned that you have a degree rather than what it is for. These degrees however may not be acceptable to the graduate school the student plans to attend, students should check with advisors.

Brigham Young University–Idaho categorizes the online courses they offer by subject matter as follows; Agriculture & Life Sciences, Business & Communication, Education & Human Development, Foundations, Languages & Letters, Library, Performing & Visual Arts, Physical Science & Engineering, and Religion. General studies in a progressive education model the college follows is called Foundations, students should check into this further as well to see if it perhaps is a better fit for their learning values. The tuition for online courses is the same as on campus courses, it is currently $140 per credit hour below 12 credits and $1680 over 12 credits. BYU-Idaho also offers a pilot program called Pathways; it is a combination of institutional learning and online courses so adults may earn their degree.

The Pathways program requires students to attend weekly evening classes and participate in online courses. They are given the opportunity to earn an associate degree and a Bachelor of University Studies, or transfer; all degrees are fully accredited. The classes are free in the initial learning period known as level 1, there are 4 levels concluding with the bachelors or transfer. The cost is $65 per credit hour and there are 24 locations for students all over the country. Needless to say there are a few avenues to pursue a student’s educational aspirations at Brigham Young University–Idaho.

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  1. Frank Lake says:

    How to take BYU online courses while living in San Luis Obispo.

    There is no place to take the in person religion courses required in the area. You have to travel 100s of miles to some other area.

    Wish there were a way to solve this problem.

    Frank Lake

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