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Brigham Young University—Hawaii is located at 220 Kulanui Street in Laie, Hawaii. This undergraduate university was founded in the city of Laie, Hawaii in the year of 1954; there is a strong church affiliation with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. The 100 acre campus is located approximately 35 miles north of Honolulu where the annual average temperature is a friendly 77 degrees. Along with undergraduate degrees Brigham Young University—Hawaii does offer highly regarded and convenient online courses and distance learning programs for students to participate in from all localities.

Brigham Young University—Hawaii has a total enrollment of 2500 students from over 70 different countries. Over 90% of the Brigham Young University—Hawaii are employed part time on campus or at the Polynesian Cultural Center while earning their degree. Brigham Young University—Hawaii does offer both online courses and a distance learning program, although there are some limitations that may be pertinent. The online courses provided by Brigham Young University—Hawaii are for any students who have credits at another college and may want to take specific courses to transfer to a different college or non-degree seeking individuals. The university also offers online courses for formally enrolled students at BYU Provo, BYU-Idaho, and BYU-Hawaii that are pursuing their degree. For those wanting to earn an online degree, Brigham Young University—Hawaii has a website to apply to the specified program; otherwise the classes are mainly for transfer students and on degree seeking individuals.

Online classes for the distance learning program provided by Brigham Young University—Hawaii is done via webcam. These courses require students to have both access to the internet and a webcam as well. Students participating in the online courses will communicate with tutors at the BYU Hawaii Online department through the webcams to have discussions and lectures. The student will also be submitting video emails and assignments as well; this method is meant to create an intimate relationship between the student and Brigham Young University—Hawaii faculty member.

However, if students are to participate in the online program provided by Brigham Young University—Hawaii, they are expected to abide by the university’s Honor Code. Here are some of the listed requirements of the code; dress modestly with no revealing clothing when recording videos, abstain from alcoholic beverages, tobacco, kava, and substance abuse (drugs), and live a chaste and virtuous life – do not participate in pornography, and do not have any sexual relations before marriage are some of the mandates.

BYU Hawaii Online has many courses, some are American history, Commerce and Enterprise, Business Communications, Instructional Design – Theory and Practice and World Music Cultures. Aside from the online courses Brigham Young University—Hawaii provides many luxury amenities to make students feel at home. On campus there is a 4,500-seat Cannon Activities Center, natural history museum, Olympic-size swimming pool, 250 apartments for married students, a TV studio, and fitness center as well. The online courses provide a convenient means to work towards transferring degrees or to obtain the degree students may want to travel to Hawaii.

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