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BYU, officially Brigham Young University, is a private university owned by the Church of Jesus Christ Latter-day Saints and is part of the larger Church Educational System that reaches more than 1.2million people around the world.  The university is located in Provo, Utah population of 115,000 people; it’s located less than an hour south of Salt Lake City.  BYU’s storied history tells of Utah’s pioneered past and was originally founded as Brigham Young Academy in downtown Provo in 1875.  The college was later moved to University Ave in 1891 and the name was changed to Brigham Young University in 1903.

Total enrollment amounted to 32,947 for 2010 with 29,783 undergraduate students. In 2009 Brigham Young University offered bachelor degrees in 190 various academic programs, 64 in masters degrees and 25 in doctorates.  Some of the areas of study offered are Business School, Education School, Engineering and Technology, Family, Home and Social Sciences, Fine Arts and Communications, Humanities, International Area, Law School, Life Sciences, Nursing, Physical and Mathematical Sciences, and Religious Education. The most popular majors at the college are Exercise Science, Management, Psychology, English, and Accounting.

More than half of the classes seat less than 20 students, and only a tenth of the classes seat 50 students or more; the student to faculty ratio is 21 to 1. The most popular colleges at the university are life sciences, home and social sciences, and fine arts and communications. Currently there are approximately 270, 000 alumni of Brigham Young University in the US. Aside from all of this, Brigham Young University offers a very extensive and progressive distance learning program called Independent Study, which can be used not only by college students but high school and non-students alike.

BYU Independent Study is a distance education program that provides nearly 600 collegiate, high school, junior high school and other courses to people across the globe. The courses may either be taken by paper and pencil, in which the materials are mailed same day, or done online. The course credits are transferrable to most educational institutions, just check with your school before participating. The program offers more than 300 accredited courses at $153 per credit hour that are available immediately upon registering. The deadline for the courses is a year from the register date. After completing the course and exams, transcripts are sent to the students listed school.

It it important to note this scenario assumes the student is currently enrolled at another school or has previous credits and plans to graduate at that former school. BYU Independent Study is also useful in making classes more convenient by offering online courses that may not be available at the student’s current campus. The programs/certifications currently offered by the BYU Independent Study are the high school programs, an adult diploma program, a Bachelor of General Studies for former Brigham Young University students wanting to finish online and a Certificate of Music Program. These are separate from the earned credit hours students may receive for completing BYU Independent Study courses online towards their desired major at their current school.

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2 comments on “Brigham Young University Distance Learning
  1. Connie Chapman says:

    I graduated in 1968 with an Associates degree in Nursing, and spent my professional life of 43 years as a Registered Nurse. My children are now grown, and I have retired from nursing. I am interested in pursuing two more years of college for a Bachelor’s degree in Health Education. Does BYU have a distance program that will allow for my associates degree and many years of nursing experience to now move me forward toward the B.S. ?

  2. Elizabeth Eriksson says:

    Hi/ I am looking for a Swedish language distance learning/online course for my daughter to take for school.

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