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Brooklyn Law School opened it’s doors in 1901, with five faculty members and two special lecturers. They originally admitted five students, and ended the year with twenty-eight.  Within one year, the Law School increased their enrollment to over one-hundred. Brooklyn Law School holds accreditation by the American Bar Association, and is as a member of the Association of American Law Schools. Even in the early 1900’s, they were offering their courses to women, minorities, and immigrants. The school has gained prestige over the years, currently enrolling approximately four-hundred full-time students and eighty-five part-time students per year.

The school offers combined degree programs in addition to the Law Degree in the following areas: Master in Business Administration, Master of Science in City and Regional Planning, Master of Science in Library and Information Science, Master of Arts in Political Science, and Master in Urban Planning. Located in the heart of Brooklyn, NYC, there are many educational opportunities to complement the academia. Nearby attractions include The New York Aquarium, Brooklyn Academy of Music, the Brooklyn Museum, the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens, and the Transit Museum. To help you get acquainted in such a large borough, the Law School’s Student Bar Association organizes group outings and creates discount deals with many of the local businesses.

Brooklyn Law School has recently introduced a LL.M. program, offering foreign-trained lawyers the chance to study US law, and US approaches to dealing with legal matters. The program trains participants in the practical application of legal English as it is used in the American Court System. The Law School does not accept any overseas student into this program if they have earned a Law Degree through Distance Learning programs or Correspondence Courses. The school does not offer distance learning at this time.

Brooklyn Law School has three specializations: Business Law, Intellectual Property Law, and Refugee and Immigration Law. While these areas reflect the major strengths of the school, students wishing to pursue other areas of study may do so through tailored study plans arranged with appropriate faculty. Some of their courses include: Advanced Civil Procedure, Insurance Law, International Business Transactions, International Criminal Law, Labor Arbitration, Law, Language, and Cognition, Mass Media Law, and Mental Health Law. There are four student edited Legal Journals published, and they are all well respected:

The Brooklyn Law Review, Brooklyn Journal of International Law, The Journal of Law and Policy, and The Brooklyn Journal of Corporate, Financial & Commercial Law. These journals are read by legal professionals all over the country.

Tuition for attending Brooklyn Law School ranges from $35,040 to $46,610. The school offers merit scholarships and need based grants, as well as public service grants. Students can also apply for Federal Loans, and there is a Loan Repayment Assistance program. Admission into the school is competitive, and with the diverse student population, as well as the many opportunities available through the school and the city, a well rounded, strongly academic education is guaranteed.

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