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Brown University is an Ivy League school located in Providence, Rhode Island. It was created in 1764 to provide an alternative to Harvard and the other Ivy League Schools of the Northeast. Providence is the capital of Rhode Island and is nicknamed the “Creative Capital,” because of its rich cultural, artistic and educational community. It is the third largest city in the region of New England. They have begun to offer Distance Learning in the past twelve years, and individual courses can be taken online, but there are no degree programs available for Distance Learning at this time.

Brown has a well-established substance abuse research center, and from this they created the CAAS Distance Learning Program. This program offers students the most cutting-edge addiction and substance abuse research and information, preparing them for careers in the field. The courses do not lead to a specific degree, however the credits can be applied to addiction medicine specialties. Doctors working at their Alpert School of Medicine can expand their knowledge, while contributing research to the program itself, so the quality of the program is high as new information is constantly being added to the curriculum. The cost of the program depends on which and how many courses you take outside of it. Because it is a private school, Rhode Island residents and out of state students pay the same tuition per year, which is $36,342 per annum for undergraduates and $39,928 for grad students. They offer financial aid, several scholarship options, as well as grants.

Undergraduate students at Brown create their own programs of study, an interdisciplinary approach that is gaining more popularity with Universities and students. The study spans several departments, and Brown has been continuously recognized as focusing more on the quality of their undergraduate education than the average research focused institute. Their Graduate School offers forty-eight Doctoral program’s and twenty-four Masters. They are best known for the Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. The Warren Alpert Medical School graduates ninety students per year, and has seven affiliated teaching hospitals, and top of the line research in the field.

Many of Brown’s programs consistently rank within the top ten, and there is less than a ten-percent rate of admission for applying students. In the U.S. News & World Report, Brown tied with Cornell as the fifteenth best University in the country. They are ranked as the fifty-fifth best University in the world by Times Higher Education World University. Brown is 3rd in the country (tied with Stanford) in the number of students awarded Fulbright grants, according to the October 2010 ranking compiled by the Chronicle of Higher Education. Brown was also 3rd in the 2009 and 2008 Chronicle rankings. They tie with Princeton in third place for the most students attending on Fullbright scholarships. An e-mail poll of students conducted by the Princeton Review determined that Brown’s students were “the happiest” in the country.

Brown University is a competitive, research oriented University where you are guaranteed to obtain a fantastic education. They seek diverse applicants from a wide demographic, and have several ties to the Providence community to offer their students creative pursuits outside of the academic arena.

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