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Bryan College, located in Dayton, Tennessee, is a small Christian liberal arts college with approximately eight-hundred students. The Scopes Trial of 1925, which dealt with the creation-evolution controversy was held in this town. Dayton is located in the foothills of Southeast Tennessee, situated between Chattanooga and Knoxville, and surrounded by natural beauty that is an integral part of student life. According to the school, even in the small town setting, student life is rich and active. The general activity outside of academia has a strong orientation towards Bible study groups, and outdoors activities in nearby Laurel Snow wilderness area. The community oriented student body is very tight-knit, with attendees from more than forty states, and seven countries. One-third of the student population comes from a Christian, homeschool environment. According to the school officials, the population is “diverse,” however it is diverse within the Christian context, and people serious about Christianity and the spiritual study it entails can really find themselves at home here.

Distance learning is available at Bryan College. Online degree programs are offered at the undergraduate as well as the graduate level. Students can obtain a B.S. in Business Administration with concentrations in Organizational Management, Business Management, and Healthcare Management.  Online graduate degree programs include Business Administration and Christian Studies. There are off campus degree programs in other satellite locations throughout Tennessee and Georgia, as well as weekend course options on the main campus.

Other online courses are available, but vary from semester to semester. Students can choose from the following distance learning classes when they are available: Biblical Foundations, New Testament Literature and Interpretation, Environmental Science, Christian Worldview, Freshman English, Introduction to Literature, United States History I, United States History II, Contemporary Mathematics, Precalculus, and General Psychology. Undergraduates can choose from twenty-two majors on campus such as Communication Studies, Biblical Studies, Biology, Business, Ministry, Christian Thought and Philosophy, Education, Exercise and Health Science, History, Politics and Government, Linguistics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Music, Psychology, English, Pre-Law, Pre-Medical, and Theatre.

The annual tuition cost for attending Bryan College is $18,620, however it varies depending on which satellite campus students attend. Check with each location about specific applicable tuition and fees. There are many opportunities for financial aid, including the Bryan College Scholarships and Grants that are awarded based on academic achievement, athletic skill, geographic location of applicant, field of intended study, or financial need. These do not need to be repaid. The state of Tennessee offers several scholarships such as the Coca-Cola Scholars Program, the Scarlett Family Foundation Scholarship, the Tennessee Fallen Hero Memorial Scholarship, the Tennessee Grocers Education Foundation, and the Volunteer Energy Cooperative Youth Programs. The school also offers a rare tuition payment plan, and campus employment.

Bryan college holds accreditation by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools and has been ranked sixteenth by the U.S. News and World Report for best baccalaureate colleges in the Southern region.

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