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Bryan University offers an online degree in court reporting (Photo by Phil Roeder)

While everyone is aware that the health care industry is a rapidly expanding field, many forget that our legal systems are also dealing with an ever-increasing caseload. And just as the practice of medicine and health care management has had to evolve to take full advantage of new technology, our stodgy courts are embracing new methods of filing, serving, and tracking all of the documents necessary to plead a successful case.

Accredited Bryan University is at the forefront of this document revolution. Established in 1940 in central Los Angeles to train court reporters , Bryan has kept pace with changes in documentation. The online instructors at Bryan University are court reporters themselves, well-versed in the practical considerations of the profession. In addition to its  Associate Degree in Court Reporting, Bryan University also offers an e-Discovery Project Management Certificate. As Bryan University warns, “e-Discovery has become a key component of the legal process, often representing at least 50 percent of the costs related to litigation”, and those involved in the process need the world-class preparation that Bryan University can provide, both in the classroom and through its state-of-the-art court reporting simulation lab.

But training at Bryan University isn’t restricted to the legal field. Available undergraduate degrees also include Associate Degrees in Advanced Health and Fitness Training, and Health Information Management and Coding. If you’re looking to further your education, a Master of Science in Applied Health Informatics may be just the ticket to a more rewarding career.

Applicants to Bryan University must:

Undergraduate Students

Graduate Students

  • Submit official academic transcripts from Bachelor’s degree program (minimum CGPA of 3.0).
  • Submit Statement of Purpose.
  • Provide two letters of recommendation.

Bryan University focuses on supplying its graduates with the practical skills that make them productive in the workplace immediately upon graduation. The Associate Degree in Court Reporting prepares students to meet state specific and national certification and licensing requirements, and to sit for the Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) exam. Tuition for the Associate Degree in Health Information Management and Coding includes the cost to take one certification through the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA). The Associate Degree in Advanced Health and Fitness Training includes participation in a weeklong fitness summit experience in Phoenix, Arizona, where graduates receive the “coaching, feedback and motivational reinforcement to give them confidence in making the transition to the professional work environment”. In addition, students receive preparation through individual practice in resume writing and interviewing skills. Even after graduation, alumni have access to Bryan University’s lifetime job placement service. Even more than that, Bryan University offers its graduates the opportunity to return and audit any previously completed course that is still being taught and has space availability, with no tuition charge.

Bryan University’s mission is to provide Clear Vision, Precise Focus, Accelerated Learning, resulting in Triumph as students transition to leaders in their fields.

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