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Bryn Mawr College is an elite liberal arts college for women, located in the town of Bryn Mawr which is just outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is part of what is affectionately known as the “Seven Sister Colleges,” alongside Barnard, Mount Holyoke, Radcliffe, Smith, Vassar and Wellesley. All seven of these all women’s schools were founded between the years of 1837 and 1889. Bryn Mawr has approximately thirteen-hundred undergraduate students and four-hundred students at the graduate level. Founded in 1885, it opened it’s doors to a class of thirty-six undergraduate students, and eight graduate students. The school was originally affiliated with the Quakers, but has since become a non-denominational institution of higher learning.

Bryn Mawr has an extensive selection of undergraduate programs of study and a few graduate programs, but no distance learning opportunities at this time, though it may change as the school prides itself in innovation. The College is the first school ever to offer Social Work PhD degrees, and they allow men to be admitted into this program, though the undergraduate school is exclusively for women. Bryn Mawr is particularly esteemed for the programs in Medicine, Mathematics, Fine Arts, Family and Social Work and the Liberal Arts. Other undergraduate degree programs include:  Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, Art History, Creative Writing, Dance, Chemistry, Comparative Literature, Environmental Studies, Gender and Sexuality, Middle East Studies Initiative, Geology, Neural and Behavioral Sciences, Physics, Peace and Conflict Studies, Political Science, Russian, Urban Studies, and Women’s Studies. Graduate Degrees are available in Chemistry, Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology, Clinical Developmental Psychology, French, Greek, Latin and Classical Studies, History of Art, Mathematics, Physics and Social Work and Social Research.

A high percentage of the undergraduate population continues on to graduate programs, and many Bryn Mawr alumni have achieved a great deal of recognition in their fields. Some of these notable people include the first female president of Harvard University Drew Gilpin Faust, Scientist Candace Pert, and Barbara Marx Hubbart, famous writer. Admissions to the small sized school are competitive, approximately forty-nine percent of applicants are accepted. Washington Monthly College Guide ranked Bryn Mawr as the number two liberal arts college in 2010, it held the number one ranking in years previous.

The College tuition for undergraduate study is $38,420 per annum. The Graduate  School of Arts and Sciences tuition is $32,880, and the Graduate School of Social Work and Research has the added fee of Ph.D. units at $4,340 per credit hour. Though this may seem costly compared to many other school’s reviews, the College offered financial assistance through grants to eighty-percent of the undergraduate population, which is given based on need. Bryn Mawr is committed to offering grants to all students who can demonstrate the need for assistance. If you wish to attend this school and do not qualify for a need-based grant, the Financial Aid Office will assist you in finding the right Aid option for you.

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