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Caldwell College, founded in 1939 by the Sisters of Saint Dominic, is affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church, and has sufficient regional accreditation. The school offers both distance learning opportunities, as well as on-campus courses and degree programs. Caldwell’s location is twenty miles away from New York City, NY, in a suburban area of New Jersey. Caldwell’s Campus is on seventy-acres of natural forest, but has easy access to Jersey City, Manhattan, Newark and Morristown so students are able to enjoy both rural and urban settings while studying there.

There are 2,300 students pursuing degrees at the College, and more than half of these are working adults registered as part time students. Caldwell College has close to thirty undergraduate degree majors and a growing graduate division. Caldwell’s academic strength lies within the liberal arts programs it offers, which are heavily influenced by the spiritual principles of the Catholic Church. Graduates of Caldwell are prepared for the workforce and are educated in such a way that they become socially responsible students aware of community and global issues such as social justice, environmentalism, and equality.

The academic focus of the undergraduate school is liberal arts, fine arts, and the sciences. All undergraduate students must take the core curriculum, in which they are immersed in courses such as history, religion, art, music, foreign languages, communications, social science, science, and philosophy, regardless of their major. Caldwell has a well-rounded approach to education, and a diverse student body.  This core curriculum accounts for approximately half of the credits required for graduation.

Caldwell College’s External Degree Program was established in 1979 and has since become a resource for distance learning for off campus and full-time working students who want to pursue collegiate studies. The first online course was offered in 1995, in Business Policy. Students can elect to take some courses on campus, and some through the External Degree Program, or they can learn solely through the program which is constituted by faculty interaction via phone, computer, mail-in assignments, audio and video technologies, and personal conferences. The degree programs offered in this fashion are: Art, Accounting, Business Administration, Computer Information Systems, Communication Arts, Criminal Justice, English, French, History, International Business, Management, Marketing, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Social Studies, Spanish, and Theology. Some on-campus, in the classroom coursework is required for Art, Communications Arts, and Computer Information Systems.

Caldwell College has nine graduate programs, as well as numerous post-baccalaureate and post master’s degree programs. Some of their unique graduate programs include Applied Behavior Analysis (with a focus in Autism treatments), Counseling Psychology with an Art Therapy focus, Teacher Certification Programs in Special Education, and a double Master’s i Early Childhood and Elementary Education. They also offer a traditional Master’s in Business Administration Program.

The typical annual tuition for an undergraduate student attending Caldwell is $24,752, and for the graduate students it is $762.00 per credit hour. There are many loans, scholarships and grants at the federal and state level, as well as federal work study opportunities and military benefits.

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