California College of Health Sciences/Independence University Distance Learning

The California College for Health Sciences is now known as Independence University. It is a distance learning educational facility based out of Salt Lake City, Utah that has over thirty years of experience providing distance learning programs and meets accreditation standards. The College of Health Sciences at Independence University offers many programs that assist students in finding work in our current economy, where employment opportunities in the healthcare field are constantly growing and expanding and raises and advances are likely with the proper educational supplementation to an already existing career track.  The College believes firmly in supporting its students and upon enrollment each student will have access to online support and services, a student advisor, tutors, instructors, and even study partners if necessary. They provide the support necessary for individuals to complete work successfully. Independent University encourages students to enroll with friends or family members so that they can work together towards their educational goals.

As leaders of distance education and online learning, Independence University provides a lifestyle convenience that can suit your current educational needs. They offer very flexible course scheduling and you can enroll and register for classes through the telephone or on the internet. Study materials for courses are available through the mail or can be accessed instantly online. Students are able to complete the course materials in a timeframe that works the best with their schedules and tests are taken on the internet.

The College of Health Sciences offers Associate’s Degrees in Respitory Therapy and Allied Health, Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing, Respiratory Care, and Health Services Management, and Master’s Degrees in Healthcare Administration and Nursing Administration. They also have a division of Business awarding online degrees at the Associate, Bachelor and Master level in General Business. Tuition information for each program is available by filling out the information request form on the school’s website. Independence University is committed to assisting each student to find a way to finance their educational goals. They will help you to create a personal financial plan that may include the following forms of aid: Pell Grants, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, Subsidized Stafford Loans, Unsubsidized Stafford Loans, Parent PLUS Loans, and many more.

The top reasons students note for choosing Independence University are as follows: the possibility to earn more money in your already established field, entering into a new field of study in a growing professional environment with relative job security right now, educational programs tailored to help you become highly employable, affordability, the ability to study online at your own pace, and of course, accreditation. Independence University is accredited through the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges based out of Arlington, VA. This is a national accrediting agency that is part of the United States Department of Education. Proper accreditation is essential in order for students to be able to receive federal financial aid.

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One comment on “California College of Health Sciences/Independence University Distance Learning
  1. Matthew says:

    Do not, I repeat do not get your degree from here. I started out with them in Nov of 2004, and they told me I had six classes to finish with them in order to be eligible to sit for my CRT. Fast forward a year and half later while deployed to Afghanistan they told me that I would have to finish an additional 6 six classes than what they originally told me!! They said sorry for the inconvenience and that they would pay for the rest of classes for my trouble! C’mon now you already wasted my time, and I don’t feel like that’s worth it since I went in with 40 credits towards my Associates already. I refused to pay for the last class because of this, and it still went to collections. I ended up finishing my degree elsewhere in less than 6 months thanks to CLEP. Military RT’s like myself are aware of how bad this school is, and students are told specifically to steer clear of this school. My Seniors have told me this school is not what it used to be. Guess what none of the five classes I took with Independence (formerly known as CA Coll) didn’t transfer to any reputable school! REGIONAL Accreditation does make a difference when transferring credits folks. BTW Independence holds an INTERNATIONAL Accreditation (this is not the best accreditation). Do your homework and don’t learn the hard way.

    Matthew J., CRT

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