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California Institute for Human Sciences Graduate and Research Center is a pioneering institution of its kind, offering comprehensive courses on campus and through distance education in the field of energy psychology. It was founded in 1992 by Dr. Hiroshima Motoyama, and is located in Encinitas, just outside of San Diego. They offer Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. degrees in Integral Studies, Life Physics, Clinical Psychology, Comparative Religion and Philosophy, and Integral Health to an increasing student body from all over the world. The research focus of the school is the scientific measurement and ontological understanding of the human energy field and subsequent spiritual experiences that have not previously been explained with precise scientific methodology. This research is utilized in understanding human psychology and personal growth. The school’s mission is to fill in the gaps between science and religion. The professionals working at the Research Center and teaching students are all highly esteemed and have years of experience in their fields of study.

California Institute for Human Sciences offer the same courses and degrees on campus in California, as well as on the internet via a distance learning program. Courses are offered quarterly, and the distance learning students follow the same schedule, deadlines, test dates and assignment deadlines as the on-campus students. They essentially complete the exact same class requirements, with the convenience of not having to travel to campus each day. Students have access to a virtual classroom where classmates can share emails and blogging platforms, discussion forums, video postings, photos, information, and research.

Online degree programs include a Bachelor of Arts in Integral Studies, a Masters of Arts in General Psychology, a Masters of Arts in Life Physics, and a Masters of Arts in Integral Health. A Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology can also be obtained. Course material covers the topics of energy medicine and human consciousness expansion as well as some traditional theory and study. Professionals in the field of Psychology can also take continuing education courses necessary to maintain their professional licensing. The Institute is approved as a continuing education provider for those in the Nursing field as well. The CEU course offering are often offered on the weekends, to work around the health professional’s work schedule, and course material is created from the highest standards required by both fields of study.

Tuition for undergraduate students is $800 per five units, and $160 per unit. The Masters and Ph.D. level students pay $840 for four units, or $210 for one credit hour. Dissertation units are $250 extra per unit. Books and supplies range from $130-$185 each quarter, and for students seeking to audit the classes, the price is around $132.

The estimated total cost for a BA is about $7,200, for a Masters Degree is $10,920, and for a Ph.D. is $19,380. This is quite reasonable, particularly considering the flexibility of on-campus or at home learning. There are limited financial aid opportunities such as a Deferred Tuition Plan, Veteran’s Assistance, and the State of California Tuition Recovery Fund.

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