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California Pacific University is a distance learning based institute of higher learning, located in Escondido, CA. Founded in 1976, the University provides degrees to business, management, and administration professionals who have demonstrated their unique capacity to further their educational goals through online learning methodologies. The University was the first approved institution in the State of California offering degree programs without the typical state residency requirement previously found in University’s of its nature. It is considered to be a leader in the field of online education, and continually expands and develops its programs, technologies, and quality of education.

The courses are offered in such a way that students pursuing further education do not have to take time away from their business professions or from their family life and responsibilities, while developing and cultivating business skills that they can contribute to their work environment. Coursework is accentuated by academic research, theoretical exploration, conceptual understanding, projects, writing papers, and taking online examinations. Students can work independently, but are also accountable to teachers and have many varying forms of support throughout their educational experience. The classes at the University are sequential from easier topics to more difficult concepts and are offered in such as way as to assure mastery of subjects explored.

Students can obtain degrees in Business and Philosophy. There are two doctorate level programs, a Ph.D. degree in Philosophy, and a D.B.A. in Business Administration for business professionals. The school offers a Master of Business Administration and a Bachelor’s in Business Administration as well. The B.B.A. is the University’s only undergraduate program. California Pacific offers a few Master of Arts Degrees as well. Students must contact the school to obtain more information about this, or to acquire course listings.

CPU is not accredited by and appropriate accreditation organizations recognized by the United States Department of Education, or the Council for Higher Education Accreditation, however it is recognized in the state of California by the California Bureau for Private Post-secondary education. This does affect students abilities to apply for Federal Financial Aid, however CPU strives to keep the education affordable, offer payment plans, and some financial aid of their own offering. California Pacific University is also listed on the most current California Postsecondary Education Cimmissions’ list of state sanctioned institutions offering degree programs.

Tuition for a ten course Master’s in Business Administration costs $4,450 compared to an M.B.A. from an accredited institution offered through distance learning technologies, which would cost a little less than $20,000. California Pacific University has its own loan system where you can borrow at no interest to obtain your degree. The University notes that Federal Aid is available at approximately a 7% interest rate, so students end up repaying up to $10,000 more than their original loan cost them. Therefore for working adults they believe attending their school is a far more affordable option, and that the education is not compromised with the lower price.

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    Hello – I am trying to get a transcript so that I can attend a certification program for my job. I have sent in transcript funds but I do not know if my request was completed.

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