California State Polytechnic University Distance Learning

California State Polytechnic University is one of seven Polytechnic University’s in the nation, and one of the two in the California State University System. It is also referred to as Cal Poly Pomona, named after the small area of Los Angeles that it occupies. It was founded in 1938 with an all male student body. It was originally merged with California State at San Luis Obispo, and eventually the two schools separated to form their own institutions. There are approximately 20,000 undergraduate students and 2,000 graduate students. The class sizes are average to small, with about twenty-six students per classroom, and a teacher-student ratio of twenty-five to one.┬áThe school has a very strong theory and practice orientation, training students to be the problem solvers of tomorrow through extensive hands on experience, research, projects, collaboration, service programs, and internships.

Cal Poly Pomona is consistently ranked at the top of the Western United States Universities for multiple programs and areas. They have eight different colleges which are accredited through the Western Association of Schools and Colleges: Agriculture, Business Administration, Collins College of Hospitality Management, Education and Integrative Studies, Engineering, Environmental Design, Letters, Arts and Social Sciences, and Science. They also offer distance learning options through their Extended University.

Master’s Level Online Programs include the Architecture Special Session, Interior Architecture, Hospitality Manaement and the Professional Master’s in Business Administration. Certification programs online include Business and Administrative Developmeent, Personal and Community Enrichment Programs, Construction, Plastics Engineering, Supply Chain Management, Landscape Technology and Geographic Information Systems and Sciences. The College of the Extended University also offers executive continuing education through the Supply Chain Management Certificate, Introduction to Six Sigma for Manager’s Certificate, Project Management: PMP Certificate, Introduction to Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Teaching Students with ASD. They are partnered with Gaitlin Education Services to offer online computer courses such as Linux, Certified Bookkeeper, Home Inspection, Graphic Design, Microsoft Programs, Project Management, Video Game Design and Development and Web Database Development.

Corporate Online Programs are offered through Extended University to offer Supervisory Training Programs, the Leadership Academy, Communications Training Program, Mentorship Training Program, High Performance Sales Training Program, Sales Management Training, Customer Service, Local Government Supervisory Programs, and the Southern California Local Government Leadership Academy Training. The also offer food training services for restaurant professionals. Cal Poly Pomona also offers distance learning to international students in countries including China, Swaizland, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Turkey, South Korea, and Vietnam with topics such as venture capital, public administration, agriculture, and taxation.Their programs have received prestigious certification from the People’s Republic of China.

Tuition at the California State Polytechnic University is around $3,000 a semester for in-state students and $13,185 for out of state students. Room and board is estimated at $7,908 and books and supplies average $1,224. Approximately eighty-four percent of the student body receives some type of financial aid. Students can qualify for scholarships, loans, grants and Federal Aid. Workstudy and graduate research assistant positions are also available.

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