California State University Bakersfield Distance Learning

The California State University at Bakersfield, also known as CSU Bakersfield, or Cal State Bakersfield was founded in 1965 and is one of the twenty-three schools in the California State University system. They offer over thirty bachelor’s degree programs and twenty-two master’s degree concentrations. Approximately 8,000 undergraduate students attend the school at Bakersfield, as well as the satellite location campus which is in Lancaster, CA and referred to as Antelope Valley Center. They have many prestigious programs, and are home to the only petroleum geology degree major West of the Rockies. CSUB has a select amount of distance learning opportunities in addition to their in classroom degree programs.

Cal State Bakersfield is primarily a commuter school. Many people from the surrounding communities attend Bakersfield, and there is a large percentage of students pursuing their degree as adults. When the school recently became part of Division I athletics, the younger student population began to increase. Most students live off of campus, but the on-campus dorms are famous because they are named after locations from the books and film The Lord of the Rings: Rivendall, Rohan, Entwood, Numenor, Dobry and Lorien. Other notable aspects of the dorm system is that they are equipped with a sand volleyball court, a pond and a swimming pool.

Cal State Bakersfield offers online distance learning continuing education for teachers and educators. Teachers who currently wok in the range of Kindergarten through twelfth grade can obtain Master’s level training on the internet or through a series of CD Roms available through the program. This particular academic track is set up as a learn at your own pace system, so teachers can work and study at a pace that suits them. The school does recommend that you check with your state to make sure that if you are outside of California, the credentials will be appropriate for licensing standards in your state. CSU Bakersfield also offers a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Resource Management online, as well as two Master’s Degrees. The Master of Arts in Education is focused on Curriculum and Instruction, and there is also a Master of Science in Administration.

There are many degree programs to choose from, and the most popular majors at Bakersfield are as follows: Liberal Arts and Science, Sociology, English, History, Political Science, Economics, Spanish language, Anthropology, Business Management, Education, Early Childhood Education, School Counseling, Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Criminal Justice and Safety, Social Work, Public Administration, Registered Nursing, Biology, Chemistry, Geology, Natural Sciences, Communication Studies, Art Studies, Health and Physical Education, Mathematics, Philosophy, Religion, Computer Science, Natural Resources Policy, Music, and Drama.

In-state tuition and fees amount to $4,065 per semester, and out of state approximates at $14,247 each term. Room and board is estimated at $6,852, and books and supplies fall in between the range of one-thousand and two-thousand dollars. Financial aid is available to qualifying students through Federal Aid, Loans, Grants, and Scholarships.

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