California State University Northridge Distance Learning

California State University Northridge, also known as CSUM, or Cal State Northridge, is located in the San Fernando Valley, just underneath the Santa Susana Mountains, in Los Angeles County. Originally, the University was part of Cal State Los Angeles, and became an independent educational institution in 1958 as San Fernando Valley State College. It became Cal State Northridge in 1972. It is the third largest state University, and the forth largest University in the state of California.

Around 36,000 students attend the campuses nine differing colleges, which offer over sixty undergraduate degree programs and fifty-two master’s degrees. They have one doctorate level degree program in Educational Leadership. Students can pursue fifty-five variations on teaching credential programs, and the school does offer distance learning degree programs. Unique programs include the summer musical theatre program for teenagers known as the TeenAge Drama Workshop (TADW) which is a six week long dramatic arts intensive, and the National Center on Deafness, which hosts the annual International Conference on Technology and Persons with Disabilities.

Cal State Northridge has a distance learning Master’s Degree in Knowledge Management, which is an interdisciplinary program combining courses in business, library science, information technology, and cognitive science, teaching students to analyze corporate information systems and employee performance standards and incentives. A Credit Certificate in Instructional Design and Adult Development is also a study option, educating students in the structuring, planning and design of online learning programs which is both theoretical and hands-on. Students can also pursue a Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, or a Master’s Degree in Engineering Management. Other course offering are available to undergraduate students who are pursuing their degrees primarily in an on-campus setting, and students are encouraged to contact their departments for course offerings and availability.

Undergraduate programs that are unique to Cal State Northridge, or that stand out academically, are Accountancy, Athletic Training, Cinema and Television Arts, Deaf Studies, Construction Management Technologies, Electrical Engineering, Family and Consumer Sciences, Information Sciences, Public Sector Management, Recreation, and Urban Studies and Planning. They offer a wide variety of graduate programs such as Anthropology, Art, Rehabilitative Technology, Communication Disorders, Counseling, Educational Psychology, Educational Leadership, Health Administration, Knowledge Management, Lingustics, Public Policy, Social Work and Taxation.

Cal State Northridge is accredited and has been ranked in several areas. Recognitions the school has received includes the U.S. News and World Report’s “America’s Best Colleges” list for the College of Engineering and Computer Science, taking number thirty-nine in the country. Their Music Department is ranked in the top twenty-five of all the accredited music programs in the nation, particularly in the areas of music education, music therapy, music industry, music performance, and jazz studies. In the past, the National Science Foundation ranked Cal State Northridge number one in the nation among over five-hundred schools for producing undergraduate students who continue their education at the Master’s and Ph.D. level for Science and Engineering.

Tuition and fees for Northington are slightly higher than some of the other Cal State Universities, but financial aid is available through loans, grants, and scholarships. The in-state total cost of attendance is estimated at $22,931 and for out of state the cost is around $34,091.

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