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California University of Pennsylvania is a leading school of higher education for distance learning. Each of the programs is delivered over the internet. This allows any student to log on at any time and complete the classroom assignments when it is convenient. Some people cannot attend a university due to the distance, work schedule, family issues, and so forth. Distance learning, however, allows the student to complete the work at his own convenience.

Distance Learning is an outstanding opportunity to take classes to prepare you for a job promotion through earning a higher degree. The options to do so at California University of Pennsylvania are endless. The university is located 45 minutes from Pittsburgh for those attending classes on campus, but it is located as close as your computer anywhere else in the world if you take advantage of one of the California University of Pennsylvania distance learning programs.

CUP has been known for its educational excellence for more than 150 years. It is committed to the core values of integrity, civility, and responsibility. It is a diverse community that prides itself on excellence in the liberal arts, science, technology, and professional studies. Many of these same programs are available through distance learning. The Princeton Review, since 2004, has ranked the university as one of the best in the Northeast. More than 9,000 undergraduate students take pride in this honor as well as many others honors that the university has received.

Students enrolled in a distance learning program quickly learn that they are able to be successful. They have a wide avenue of resources to use, including e-mail, discussions, chats, readings, and tests to assess their progress. It has been determined that all students completing course work online are very conscientious in addition to being self-motivated. Aside from the convenience the student saves the cost of travel and gains from the flexibility of the schedule. One of the additional benefits of the program is that you are invited to participate in a graduation ceremony once you complete your degree or course work. If you wonder about the validity of a distance learning degree, don’t worry. California University of Pennsylvania is fully accredited and its distance learning degrees will be identical to any other degree offered. There is no differentiation between a degree earned on-campus or online.

If you decide to enroll in a program at CUP, you can choose from a variety of areas to study in the undergraduate departments. One program is the B.S. Degree in Science Technology: Legal Studies. Another is Sport Management Studies: Wellness and Fitness. Students can start these programs in the fall, spring, or summer. Generally a class begins with 30-40 students working on a distance learning program together. These students will work together throughout the degree. You will start at the same time and, for most students, you will all finish together.

The university offers a number of graduate degrees. These are available in Administrative Program for Principals, Early Childhood Education, Sports Counseling, and Eligibility to become a superintendent. There is also the Master of Arts, Teaching program, as well as a number of Master Degrees in Education. There are many programs available in order to earn a Master of Science Degree as well as a post-master’s certificate in several programs related to sports medicine. The tuition and fees for these different degrees depends on a number of factors including if you are a resident of Pennsylvania and the specific program you have selected.

Distance learning is an outstanding opportunity for students to improve their educational background and California University of Pennsylvania is a great school to earn a degree from.

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