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Calvin College is a liberal arts and sciences based college, founded in 1876, and located in Grand Rapids, MI. It is an institution affiliated with the Christian Reformed Church, or Protestantism. Grand Rapids is located nearby the Grand River, and just East of Lake Michigan. There are approximately 198,000 people living in the city, and the Grand Rapids metropolitan area has close to a million inhabitants. The healthcare, manufacturing, and automotive industries are the primary economic drive of the area. Many cultural events happen on an annual basis, including Festival of the Arts, Celebration on the Grand, and Pulaski Days. Therer are many art museums and festivals as well, and it is also home to the Van Andel Museum Center, and the Cathedral of St. Andrew.

As a liberal arts institution, Calvin has established a core curriculum that includes what is referred to as Gateway, Competencies and Studies, and Capstone. Students also take a seven week course called Prelude in the beginning of their freshmen year, as well as Developing a Christian Mind, which is a one-year course. The school’s faculty and course material encourages a Christ based educational experience where students engage not only academically and theoretically, but in practical application in regards to developing a Christian worldview and approach to all of their endeavors as scholars and soon to be professionals. The Heidelberg Catechism is interwoven into their motto and mission statement.

Calvin College offers several distance learning options for students pursuing graduate studies. They do not have online courses for undergraduates at this time. All of the distance learning graduate degree programs are Master of Education Degrees with four concentration offerings: Curriculum and Instruction, Educational Leadership, Learning Disabilities, and Literacy. These programs have some required on-campus attendance in order to meet completion requirements.

Some of the on-campus degree program major and minors are: Accounting, African Studies, Art, Astronomy, Biology, Business, Chinese, Classics, Communications Arts and Sciences, Computer Science, Congregational and Ministry Studies, Dance, Digital Communications, Dutch, Economics, Education, Engineering, Environmental Studies and Sciences, Gender Studies, German, Geology, Information Sciences, Journalism, Linguistics, Media Production, Music, Nursing, Optics, Organizational Communication, Physics, Pre-Medicine, Pre-Seminary, Public Administration, Religion, Social Work, and Youth Ministry.

To support and foster the Protestant centered education, there are many centers providing support and resources on-campus. Calvin has the Calvin Center for Christian Scholarship, the Calvin Center for Innovation in Business, the Ministry Resource Center, Seminars in Christian Scholarship, Calvin Institute of Christian Worship, Kuyers Institute for Christian Teaching and Learning, the Nagel Institute for Christian Teaching and Learning, and the Paul B. Henry Institute for the Study of Christianity and Politics.

Tuition for the 2010-2011 academic year is $24,645. Room and board is an additional $8,525, and the total registration fees are $225. Calvin College awards more than fifty-million dollars per year in financial aid to need based and academically performing students. Simply by applying to Calvin, the school automatically considers you for the scholarships they offer, there is no separate application form for most of them. Loans and grants are another option, and ninety-two percent of students at Calvin receive some form of aid.

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