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Think of your mind as a blank slate. What do you wish to fill the canvas with? It simply can’t remain blank – your life is far too individualized and far too esteemed for the simplicity of nothingness. Canvas Network’s aim is to redevelop the idea of learning in creative applications rather than the analytical applications that we have been taught from our entire lives within the US’ school system. Whereas your canvas may not be filled to the fullest extent because of a lack of interest and intrinsic motivation, Canvas Network seeks to peak your interest in educational matters.

the Canvas Network is a great tool to utilize for self-direction learning. (photo by

the Canvas Network is a great tool to utilize for self-direction learning. (photo by

Peaking interest is a complicated task as everyone has different mindsets and identities which shape their viewpoints. Canvas Network is able to peak your interest by bringing together several different minds, enabling every person involved to make sense of the information at hand in their own way and sharing it with others who may be less enlightened as of current.

The classes, which start on various dates and are all available online, are taught by credible professors in the subjects of Social Media, US Criminal Law, American Counter Terrorism Law, and even Marathon Training. The courses and institutions represented on this page are many and definitely are worth the time to look through! Some require the purchase of college textbooks, although none that I have viewed seem to have had a price for the actual class. Instead, as implied by the two week free trial, that a facility, such as Lumen Learning, that I will discuss in the following paragraph, will pay for the use of the Canvas Network.

The Canvas Network is receiving appraisal for the learning environment they provide to the people. Simon Fraser University chooses Canvas over other online learning programs. In fact, according to, Lumen Learning uses the Canvas Network in order to make at-risk students the opportunity to take a class for free. A review of Canvas Network by Instructure states that seventy-nine percent of the faculty at the University of Washington would recommend using the Canvas Network. The advantage that the Canvas Network is giving to students who would otherwise not have the opportunity to complete some method of higher learning is great and should be revered as such! Some of the top leading names in education, such as Pearson, and Scribd are partners of the Canvas Network.

The creator of Canvas Network, Devlin Daley, also has his own website as linked here. Within his blog, you can view his thoughts and insights on several categories, including: digital identity and linux.

In my last couple posts, I have talked of several sites, such as Skillshare and P2PU, that offer similar academic services to the public. Though all vary, you may want to look at all of them, compare the reviews, view the links I’ve accumulated for you, and choose what you feel is the best to fit your educational needs if you are considering joining one of those sites.

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